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Mayor deBlasio’s Jupiter Forecast

NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio spoke in sympathy with protestors against racial profiling, resulting in division, anger and mistrust from the police department. The murders of two Brooklyn officers on December 22 further inflamed the situation.

DeBlasio has the Sun in the 7th house of partnerships, in square to a prominent Uranus in his 10th house of reputation. Part of his success (10th house) is due to his singular (Uranus) relationship with his wife, Chirlane McCray (7th house Sun). But this aspect may also signify sudden, unexpected and unusual developments (Uranus) affecting his status (10th) and, in traditional astrology, what are called “open enemies” (7th house).

We can observe developments in deBlasio’s horoscope and forecast the length of his engagement with these issues by identifying when his prominent square pattern is activated.

Transiting Saturn opposed deBlasio’s Sun and squared his Uranus in September and October of 2014 when a forensic expert agreed that neck compressions killed Eric Garner and a Staten Island grand jury began hearing evidence in Garner’s death. These significant events set the stage for what followed.

Jupiter activated the same pattern in October and November. But planets are strongest when at their stationary points, and Jupiter stationed conjunct deBlasio’s Uranus from November through January of 2015. There were swift developments in the City as Jupiter stationed near the top of deBlasio’s chart. Accused officer Pantaleo testified in November. On December 3, the grand Jury chose not to indict him; deBlasio commented about his need to instruct his son in dealings with the police; and thousands began protesting. Officers Liu and Ramos were killed on 12/22/14 and deBlasio met with police leaders on 12/30. Jupiter will again square the Mayor’s Sun in February.

Jupiter through the 10th house can bring things out in the open and helps air diverse viewpoints. And while Jupiter can stir up controversy, it tends to be more preservative than destructive. So I believe that while Mayor deBlasio may continue to attract some controversy, he’ll be able to appease his critics.

Jupiter will repeat the pattern in June and July of 2015, bringing the Mayor another phase of similar issues, with perhaps some unexpected developments that are also in keeping with his natal Sun square Uranus.

Bill deBlasio’s Inauguration Horoscope

New York City’s new mayor Bill deBlasio took the oath of office at approximately 12:01 AM on January 1, 2014 at his home in Brooklyn. He campaigned on a platform of change, and with a dynamic grand cross in the horoscope for the new administration, there will be major changes in store for the City. DeBlasio is our first new mayor in 12 years and the first Democratic mayor in 20.

Angular planets dominate any horoscope, and with six angular planets in the grand cross, this is a powerful figure. The planets involved – the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto – are all energized and placed in lively cardinal signs, making for an extraordinarily active and forceful chart.

Jupiter in the tenth house represents the authority figure, deBlasio himself. Since Jupiter is exalted in the sign of Cancer, he’s riding high in popularity and support. Yet he’s besieged on all sides – from influences both inside and outside of the City – so there will be many issues and challenges to address.

Jupiter trines Saturn in Scorpio in the second house, suggesting that stable finances will help keep the new mayor in power. Taxing the wealthy is probably the least controversial thing he’ll do.

Home and family are represented by the 4th house and deBlasio’s priority of affordable housing is indicated by four planets in thrifty Capricorn in the 4th house. Yet the mayor may face opposition from historical preservationists, who are also ruled by Capricorn.

Let’s look at Bill deBlasio’s promise to reform the controversial “stop and frisk” policy. Gemini is on the 9th house of the law and its ruler Mercury conjoins the Sun and Pluto at the bottom of the chart, with all three part of the grand cross. The control (Pluto) of law (Mercury) opposes the mayor (Jupiter in the 10th house). Due to the oppositions and squares in the grand cross, there are strongly differing points of view, so a compromise will have to be reached.

DeBlasio’s tenure as mayor will probably be filled with polarizing elements (4 opposition aspects) and diverse factions squaring off against one another (8 squares), although he is empowered to pursue his agenda. With the epoch-making Uranus-Pluto generational square prominent in the administration’s horoscope, we can certainly expect some surprising and even dramatic events surrounding the new mayor and the City’s progress.