Foreseeing the Future

by Karen Christino; One Reed Publications, 2002

Foreseeing the FutureOnce the world’s most famous astrologer, Evangeline Adams single-handedly popularized astrology in the United States. Foreseeing the Future not only chronicles Adams’ life, but also illuminates the history of astrology and the occult in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Karen Christino’s one-of-a-kind biography tells the colorful, astounding tale of a woman who defied convention and made a lasting impression on American culture. Adams wrote four best-sellers and had a top-rated national radio show in the early 1930s. She battled legal authorities in New York City for the right to practice astrology, married a man over twenty years her junior, founded a tremendous business enterprise, and made stunning predictions. JP Morgan, Tallulah Bankhead and Joseph Campbell were just a few of Evangeline’s renowned clients. This book will fascinate anyone interested in cultural history, women’s studies, or astrology – skeptic and believer, expert and novice alike.

If you’re intrigued by astrology, the occult or New Age topics and are tired of all the flaky, off-the-wall books out there, you will enjoy Foreseeing the Future. – Midwest Book Review

It brings a sometimes mysterious topic down to earth and tells an entertaining yarn at the same time. – The Skeptic Annotated Bibliography

Women’s history within the occult has often been neglected, and this book begins to make up for the omissions. – Ms. Magazine Online

This book serves up a delicious slice of Americana in the early 20th century through the prism of Evangeline Adams’ colorful life… Whether Adams was indeed a great astrologer or simply an opportunistic charlatan is a judgment best left to the reader, who will undoubtedly be absorbed by Ms. Christino’s affectionate yet balanced account. – The Mountain Astrologer

Foreseeing the Future is a major contribution to the history of astrology. If you want to know the truth, both factual and astrological, behind the legend of Evangeline Adams, read this book. – American Astrology Magazine

Christino writes exceedingly well, and her subject is compelling. In fact, I had trouble putting this book down. – NCGR Memberletter

Every fact that Karen Christino has uncovered and put into her book is fascinating, relevant and informative. – The Ingress

… a must buy. Strongly recommended. – Considerations

Everyone in astrology will adore this book written grippingly and beautifully by Karen Christino. The research is thorough without being heavy and the words are picturesque and strong enough to inspire a motion picture… One can not put it down, nor ever forget it! – Noel Tyl, Astrologer

Ms. Christino presents the existing evidence regarding the real Evangeline Adams. She separates the myths from the facts of Evangeline’s life and provides us with a personal and in-depth portrait of the origins, deeds and accomplishments of this legendary figure of American astrology. A must read for anyone interested in the history of astrology in the U.S. – Robert Zoller, Astrologer and Author

An intriguinjg look at astrology and its acceptance in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries… definitely a significant contribution – Joan McEvers, Astrologer and Author

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