Here’s to Astrology!

Hello! I’m Karen Christino, an astrologer and writer. I became addicted to astrology when I was 15 and I’m still hooked. And while I’ve written humorous essays and self-help pieces, what I mostly end up writing about is astrology. I find astrology endlessly fascinating since it can illuminate any facet of our lives. That’s why I love doing horoscope interpretations and personal forecasts for the future. We can anticipate what’s next in our lives.

But to look forward we also need to look back and understand past cycles and our multifaceted astrological tradition. So I’ve written books about the famous astrologer Evangeline Adams and edited a book of the incorrigible Al H. Morrison’s work, as well as doing hundreds of articles about astrology and astrological techniques for astrology journals.

I’ve had a lot of fun with astrology, too, writing horoscope columns for such terrific magazines as Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Life & Style Weekly, along with features and forecasts for numerous other mainstream publications.

I believe that astrology can help us better understand ourselves, live our lives more fully, and begin to see the workings of the Cosmos. That’s why I tend to be something of a traditionalist. I see the psychological side of astrology, too, but I feel that astrology can help us more when we take the time to do a thorough study of an issue and make a definitive judgment. It can be done – it just takes time, and effort, and the acceptance that there are answers to our questions out there if we’ll look for them.