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Election 2016: Progressions III – to U.S.

To forecast the outcome of a political election, some Astrologers look at the candidates’ comparative aspects to the U.S. chart to see what their connections to the country are.  This is a good thought, but some candidates, like Hillary Clinton, have longstanding relationships with the country, and this technique doesn’t narrow it down to a particular time.  We might do the candidates’ progressed aspects to the U.S. chart, which would reveal the point in time that affiliations between the two would likely occur.  But I prefer to compare progressed to progressed aspects, which tell us more about each candidate’s connection to the U.S. flow of history as well.

Donald Trump’s progressed Ascendant in late Libra falls right on the U.S. progressed Midheaven (less than 2 degrees past), and his progressed Jupiter, though an extremely slow influence, is a little over a degree from conjoining the U.S. PMC, a close tie.  This shows him going toward high government office.  However the U.S. PMC falls in his 3rd house and the U.S. P. Asc. in his 5th.  While both might be more fortunate than not, they are not the strongest of houses. trump-and-u-s-progressed

Donald’s progressed Ascendant and MC in late and early degrees indicate a significant period of change in his life: leaving one type of career and entering a new phase in self-expression, which would be appropriate for a newbie to political office.

His progressed Ascendant is over 2-1/2 degrees from squaring the U.S. progressed Pluto in Capricorn.  At the same time, his progressed Midheaven in early Leo is leaving a square to Pr. U.S. Pluto (less than a degree and a half past).  Due to midpoint influences, this creates a dynamic T-square.  We can see his slogan of “making America great again” in these transformative aspects to Pluto, yet the nature of Pluto signifies more of a crash and burn relationship to me.  And with the U.S. Pluto in Capricorn, party authorities are already reshaping Trump’s message and testing his depth, not the other way around.

Donald Trump’s progressed Moon in Cancer approaches a conjunction with the U.S. progressed North Node on Election Day.  By the Inauguration, it will be around half a degree of conjoining it.  (His progressed Moon also squares the U.S. progressed Venus at the same time.)  The Nodes may indicate a sense of destiny playing out.  And Trump’s P. Moon and U.S. P. N. Node also line up with his own natal Saturn.  These are all significant, however the progressed Moon moves quickly, progressed Nodes are extremely slow, and to my mind, natal Saturn in Cancer is just not great (see my earlier analysis of this progression).

Perhaps more important, Donald Trump’s progressed Venus in Libra conjoins the U.S. Mars in its P. 9th house.  However it will be less than a degree from the conjunction until at least mid-2017, which seems a little late to apply specifically to the election the previous November.

Progressing the Ascendant and Midheaven, especially for questionable times like the U.S.A., adds an additional margin of error.  The above charts are what seem to work for me.  I use Evangeline Adams’ Gemini rising U.S. chart.

Election 2016: Progressions II

Hillary Clinton’s progressions are much more dynamic and significant than Donald Trump’s, but once again we have to ask whether they specifically indicate success or a new position.

Clinton’s progressed Moon is in Libra in her 11th house (based on an 8:02 AM birth time) and is nearly exactly sextile Mars on election day, 11/8/16.  In addition, transiting Jupiter will conjoin the progressed Moon and sextile natal Mars within about a week.  The combination signifies an expanded connection with the public and is excellent for her.hillary-progressions

The progressed Moon is leaving a conjunction with Clinton’s Neptune, which highlights the continuing scandals as well as her ill health not long before the election.  I feel that approaching aspects are stronger, and Neptune can be confusing, but it, too, may also add to her resonance with the public.

Progressed Mars conjoins her 10th house cusp, which is a powerful indicator of initiatives in her career.  A focal point of Hillary’s chart is Mercury in Scorpio closely conjunct her Ascendant, with Venus in Scorpio also conjunct Mercury from the 12th house.  Progressed Mars has passed a quintile aspect to her Venus, is still about 2 degrees from a quintile to her Mercury, and is over 2 degrees from aspecting her Ascendant.  However P. Mars remains very close to quintile the midpoint of her Mercury-Venus-Ascendant as they combine influences.

In a notable repetition of influences, Hillary’s Solar Arc Uranus conjoins her Midheaven and progressed Mars, while also activating the quintile pattern to her natal Scorpio planets.  Uranus conjunct Mars in the 10th is a wild influence concerning status and position.  Uranus, though, is not reliable, and there may be more surprising ups and downs for Hillary before November 8th.

The quintile aspect (72 degrees) isn’t the most commonly used, but most astrologers agree that it’s a harmonious and flowing aspect that facilitates events.    This fifth harmonic aspect relates to the 5th house and the Sun, and both may point toward luck and success.  (Quintiles are common, but I do feel they’re a little stronger than sextiles as they’re a smaller division of the circle.)

Clinton’s progressed MC at about 15 Scorpio has just squared her natal Pluto in the 9th, and is a little over a degree from conjoining her Venus.  More importantly, however, it’s also falling within the zone of the quintile from progressed Mars.  Despite repeated questions of influence or legality (Pluto in the 9th), she continues to be popular.

Venus rules Hillary’s 7th house, relating to the public, and her progressed Venus is less than a degree from trining natal Neptune in the 11th, allowing her to gain ideological support from a broad audience.

Hillary Clinton’s progressed Sun and Mercury in Capricorn are each less than a degree past squaring Neptune.  These aspects highlight her loss of credibility, continuing insinuations of scandals, and ill health.  However it does seem to me that she is coming away from these Neptunian situations, since they are departing aspects.

I use secondary progressions by true Solar Arc, and other methods will change these aspects.  I would not have the confidence to calculate them so exactly by hand, and we therefore must rely on our calculation programs.  And of course, Hillary’s birth time is in question, and I’ve focused a lot on aspects to her 10th house and Ascendant.  However, I still believe that her progressions are much more powerful than Donald Trump’s, and that they more accurately point toward winning a new position.

Scorecard:  Solar Returns – Clinton.  Progressed Moon’s Declination – Trump.  Solar Arcs – Clinton.  Progressions – Clinton.

I’ll look at transits to each of the candidate’s charts in my next post.

Election 2016 – Progressions

Progressions are a significant part of astrological forecasting.  For the Presidential election, I’ll look at the closest progressed aspects within a degree of natal planets and points on Election Day.  Do they suggest victory or a new position?  What is their nature and strength?

As we saw in the Solar Arc Directions, Donald Trump’s progressed Sun conjoins his Ascendant, which is powerful testimony to his ability to promote himself.  The Sun is also quintile Uranus in his 10th house of status.  This is his most important aspect suggesting success or a new direction for his career.  However it’s 21’ past exact.  While aspects theoretically should be exact for significant life events, we all know that reality is more flexible.  trump-progressions

Trump’s progressed Ascendant in Libra is in his 3rd house, very close to sextiling his natal Mars conjunct his 1st.  This reiterates the themes of self-development, self-promotion and communications, especially as Mars rules his 9th house.

Perhaps one of Donald’s strongest progressions is his Moon in its own sign of Cancer, just under a degree of conjoining natal Saturn in his 11th house (exact on 12/2/16).  This combination certainly suggests a leadership position and responsiveness from the public, especially since his Saturn rules his 6th and 7th houses.  But Saturn is in its detriment in Cancer.  I’m therefore not sure if it suggests a win.  The Moon, however, also sextiles the Midheaven on 12/16, though it’s about a degree and a half from exact on Election Day.

Progressed Mars in Libra in his 2nd house squares Mercury in his 11th.  Trump has been focused on talking about his values, with a lot of verbal sparring.  This combination also shows his engagement with the community (11th).  Once again, though, it’s past exactitude – by about 19’ (it was exact in May of 2016).

Progressed Jupiter square Saturn is a much closer aspect, (8’ past), but since Jupiter is a slower-moving planet it’s progressions are extremely slow.  Trump’s Jupiter in transit moved about 10’ a day, so the progression was closer to exact about a year ago.  More importantly, however, this progression accentuates his natal Jupiter square Saturn and is also activated by the progressed Moon.

Donald Trump’s progressed MC conjoins his 12th house cusp with no aspects.  He is tending toward behind-the-scenes situations, as political positions do, but with no engagement with the rest of his chart, it’s symbolism isn’t more specific.

Trump has a number of close progressions, though some of the most significant are either not especially close or are past exactitude.  Self-development is reiterated, but I don’t know if this suggests success.  The progressed Moon is one of the most important, but gives a somewhat mixed message as it conjoins Saturn.

(I’ve been very exacting with the progressed degrees.  But note that the fastest progressions – the Ascendant and Midheaven in particular, and also the Moon – may not be exact due to inexact birth times or calculation issues. )

I’ll look at Hillary Clinton’s progressions next time so we can see whose are more significant.

Election 2016 – Solar Arcs

Let’s look at the Solar Arc directed planets for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to see who has more powerful directions on Election Day, November 8, 2016.  (I use these simply as a kind of progression and not with midpoint pictures.)

Donald Trump’s directed MC, relating to career and status, is conjunct his 12th house, with no major aspects to planets in his birth chart.  His directed Ascendant is in his 3rd house, just past conjoining directed Mars (a high point for assertive communications).  It approaches a trine to his Mercury in the 11th, but it’s a little over a degree and a half away.

Trump’s directed Sun opposite Moon,  as well as his Nodes, straddle his Ascendant-Descendant axis.  This is strong testimony of coming before the public and gaining much attention, and is very consistent with his campaign.  Yet the South Node conjoining his 7th house cusp, which relates to the public, suggests a lack of support for a major position in the material world.Trump Solar Arcs 11-8-16

Directed Mercury from the 1st approaches a square to Uranus in his natal 10th house.  The issues of communication and career excitement are brought up.  But this aspect, too, is over a degree and a half from exact on election day.  I’m not sure whether the more radical changes in his career that are indicated by Uranus will occur from mid to late 2017 or earlier.  These are the closest aspects.

Hillary Clinton’s directions are stronger.  However we must remember that her  birth time is not certain, which makes aspects involving the Ascendant and Midheaven questionable.  (I use her 8:02 AM chart.)

Hillary’s natal Moon square Uranus directs to angular houses, making it more prominent.  Directed Uranus is less than half of a degree from conjoining her MC, and her directed Moon is in her 7th house.  This combination shows both her support from women, as well as the fact that she’s breaking new ground as the first female presidential candidate from a major party.  To my mind, this is a very important direction.Hillary Solar Arcs 11-8-16

Hillary’s directed MC falls in her 12th house, only about 7 degrees from conjoining her Ascendant.  Given the orb I use, I feel that it’s already activating her Ascendant, which is significant.  It’s also just a degree from conjoining her Venus, showing the possibility of much support from behind the scenes.  (Venus also rules her 6th house of service, her 7th of the public and partnerships and the 11th relating to the community.)

Solar Arc Neptune is nearly exactly trine her natal Saturn in the 9th, allowing her to reach a wide audience with her message.  Similarly, her directed Jupiter in her 3rd house is within a degree of trining her Neptune in the 11th house, giving her a strong resonance with the community (11th) for her ideas (the 3rd house and Jupiter).  (Directed Mercury, also in her 3rd, has passed a sextile to her natal Jupiter, but is less than a degree away, also supporting her message.)

Hillary has more close Solar Arc directions for election day than Donald.  She wins this round of astrological consideration.  So far we have Solar returns going to Clinton, the progressed Moon in declination to Trump and now Solar Arcs to Hillary.

I’ll look at secondary progressions for each candidate next.