The Best of Al H. Morrison

Edited by Karen Christino; Stella Mira Books, 2006

Al H. Morrison was one of the most brilliant and innovative astrologers of the 20th century. Publisher of the Void of Course Moon and minor planet ephemerides, editor of CAO TIMES and President of the Astrologers Guild, he stayed on the cutting edge of astrological research while remaining rooted in tradition. Morrison studied with Marc Edmund Jones, Barbara Watters and Charles Jayne, whose influences are apparent in his work. His research continued over 50 years of study.

Because of his at times abrasive personality, Morrison’s lectures and involvement in astrological organizations were limited, though he continued to write, teach and lecture throughout his career. Here for the first time are his collected works – his thoughts on Chiron and the minor planets, the Void of Course Moon, Declination, and a wide array of other topics in astrology and beyond.

Best of Al H Morrison“Funny, direct, and sometimes irreverent… the book is fun and inspiring to read… what an exceptional astrologer really does in practice.” – Mary Plumb, The Mountain Astrologer

“…a treasure trove of erudite and irascible writings on the theory and practice of 20th century astrology set forth by a master practitioner… one of the outstanding astrology books of the year.” – Scott Silverman, Geocosmic Journal

“Every page has something worthwhile and unexpected. …Morrison’s elaborations on fundamentals are gems. – Chris Lorenz, Dell Horoscope

“Christino has sifted through lecture transcripts, articles, and personal correspondence… and done an excellent job of editing and organizing some of Morrison’s best material… letting his brilliance stimulate and titillate your mind… wonderful reading and hard to put down. This one’s a “must-buy”! – Donna van Toen, NCGR memberletter

“…an old friend of Al’s said she laughed and cried as she read this book. This is partly a memoir, partly a first-rate compendium of techniques, by someone who knew, and more than merely knowing, who tirelessly experimented and innovated… This book will handsomely repay close study.” – David R. Roell,

“You will not waste time drifting and daydreaming if you pick up this book, but instead will spend most of your time thinking, reacting, and thinking again… Get this one and read it. Al H. Morrison was a unique and challenging figure in 20th century astrology, so time reading him will be well-spent.” – Ken Irving, Horoscope Guide

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