Do they really work? I leave it to readers to decide. I love writing horoscopes and try to bring some humor and insight to them while also following the rules of traditional astrology. I’ve written popular horoscopes for many national women’s magazines. My favorites include the monthly Glamourscope column for Conde Nast’s Glamour, the weekly online “Bedside Astrologer” for Hearst’s Cosmopolitan, and Stylescopes for Life & Style Weekly from Bauer Publishing.

My Sun-sign forecasts, relationship profiles and astro romance pieces have been featured in Marie Claire, Modern Bride and The Hamptons magazines. I’ve always enjoyed writing for teens and have also written horoscopes for Teen People, Your Prom, ‘Teen, YM, Twist and American Cheerleader. Many of my articles have been reprinted in the UK, Scandanavia, Mexico and Korea.