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Rudy Giuliani and Neptune

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has returned to the center of media attention for his controversial remarks about President Obama. At a 2/18/15 dinner for a potential Republican presidential candidate, he stated that Obama “doesn’t love America.” News outlets leapt to cover his remarks. Giuliani almost immediately reported receiving death threats. Some commentators suggested that the Mayor’s statements were racially motivated. And a You-Tube video from a black adolescent in Georgia, defending Giuliani, went viral. All of these effects are due to Neptune’s influence.

Barbara Watters describes one of Neptune’s actions as diffusion – spreading over a wide area. It relates to the loss of the individual ego as it merges with the collective. Giuliani’s thoughts are in keeping with partisan political rhetoric; there’s nothing new in Republicans calling Democrats un-American and linking them with Socialists and Communists. Yet partisan politics, at its worst, is blind allegiance, the opposite of thoughtful commentary. Neptune sets off emotional reactions – a story “going viral” implies infection or a malicious attack. We’re intuitively drawn to fight both, further spreading the story.

Rudy Giuliani was born on May 28, 1944 in Brooklyn, NY (rated “A” on Astrodatabank).  He has Neptune rising in trine to his Sun in the 9th house. He’s no stranger to controversy, but was also hailed as “America’s Mayor” for his leadership following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Transiting Neptune at that time was closely trining his Sun, a flowing aspect, and Giuliani was perfectly in tune with its trend. The collective needed assurance and Giuliani provided it. There were more flags displayed at that time than on the 4th of July as individuals merged into the collective of America.

Giuliani is still the same person, but his message isn’t playing out in the same way. Neptune is now exactly squaring his Sun – and a square doesn’t have the ease and acceptance of the trine aspect; he’s now at least somewhat at odds with prevailing trends. However it can still generate much attention. Neptune will square Giuliani’s Sun again from late 2015 to early 2016 – so we can expect some more news from him at that time.

Many politicians have significant Neptune placements in their birth charts. These may indicate idealism and faith or misconduct and corruption – and perhaps a little of both. We can also use Neptune as a forecasting tool, indicating whether collective trends will be in favor of a particular candidate. President Obama has the Sun square Neptune in his natal horoscope. For the 2012 presidential election, transiting Neptune was in his first house, trining his Venus. His opponents Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan both has transiting Neptune squaring their Ascendants. One aspect can never be dispositive, but this example highlights an obvious one.

Brian Williams, Uranus and Pluto

As a generational influence, the Uranus-Pluto square has provoked many tumultuous events around the world in recent years. But it also impacts on individuals. Brian Williams was put on a six-month hiatus from his anchor duties at NBC on February 10, 2015, and it’s up to Uranus and Pluto to decide if he’s coming back.

The first astrological question to ask is, Does Williams’ natal horoscope indicate the possibility of a fall from grace? The answer is an obvious Yes.

Born on May 5, 1959 in Elmira, New York according to Wikipedia, Williams has been a news anchor for over 20 years, winning 12 Emmys along the way. His Sun in Taurus makes him comfortable in a well-paying, steady job. Yet his Sun also closely squares Uranus. While Uranus may be the most appropriate planet for live, over-the-airwaves broadcasts, giving Williams the ability to cover swiftly developing news stories, it can still backfire from time to time, bringing about unexpected and even radical developments in his life and career.

Williams also has Mars opposed to Saturn in Capricorn, a planetary combination that demands accuracy and hard work. Disciplinary action will result when he doesn’t follow the rules, since Saturn in its own sign is much stronger than Mars.

Williams’ Sun opposite Neptune suggests the possibility of exaggeration, but it’s a wide aspect, in keeping with the limited questions about the accuracy of his statements in the past. Transiting Neptune had just trined its natal place, and along with Mercury retrograde, revealed the errors in the statements he made on the news on February 3.

Yet transiting Uranus and Pluto are the true players in this astrological drama, and the reason this story has caught the public’s attention. The incident has impacted on Williams personally, but it’s part of the larger influence of the transiting Uranus-Pluto square, being drawn on a bigger canvas. Broadcast news has gotten much softer in recent years, with personalities and popularity playing a larger part. We’re as likely to see heartwarming stories as hard news.

Transiting Uranus is just leaving a trine to Williams’ natal Uranus. This is a generational aspect, but one which usually does provide for more of a sense of autonomy and freedom. And the events have developed over the airwaves and the Internet, attracting a wide audience, in keeping with Uranus’ energies.

Pluto, though, is responsible for the intensity of the fallout. Transiting in Capricorn, it exactly opposed Brian Williams’ Mars, bringing a strong response from the network authorities. But Pluto also exactly trined his Sun at the same time, telling us that it may, indeed, be time to move on, since Pluto often ushers in a new phase in our lives. These aspects continue throughout 2015, so Williams is in a transitionary phase, but nevertheless a powerful one. He has the tenacity and assertiveness to capitalize on his mistakes this year, and will no doubt be negotiating a rich settlement if NBC insists that he step down.