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Sagittarius and the NYC Subway Boom

The sign of Sagittarius relates to travel as well as things done on a grand scale. In the horoscope for Greater New York, Sagittarius is on the 3rd house cusp, along with Saturn, Mars and Venus placed in this sign in the 3rd house. They accentuate trade, society, diversity, big buildings, the press and many other matters. This combination also points toward our large, sprawling transit system.

New York City’s subways may more specifically be indicated by Saturn in the 3rd house (signifying well organized but rigid routes) opposite Pluto (for its underground nature). The MTA just announced that ridership has been over 6 million on many weekdays – greater than it’s been since 1948. Why?

New York City experienced it’s Saturn return in the 3rd house in late December, showing demands on local transit. The Saturn return for individuals may be linked to growing pains, and perhaps this is true of the subway as well. The Census Bureau recently announced that more than 8.5 million people now live in New York City – more than ever before. Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx gained the most in population, which included immigrants. Both the increase and foreigners are all Sagittarius-ruled.

Now, transiting Saturn is retrograding toward an opposition with natal Pluto and will station close to its natal place in August. In addition, transiting Mars is also stationing very close to a conjunction with natal Saturn, also activating this area with its energy. These planets are making NY transit notable at this time, but news itself is also a 3rd house and Sagittarius topic.

True to Saturn’s nature, the MTA also reported that there are more delays and crowding as well. Guess they’ll have to keep on working on it. Greater New York

Tough Guys and Mars

Men typically die five years sooner than women, on average, and physical differences can’t explain it. Researchers at Rutgers University found that men who saw themselves as tough, brave and self-reliant – typical characteristics of Mars – tended to choose male doctors and shared fewer symptoms with them.

The higher they scored on a “masculinity scale,” the greater their Martian attributes. This increased their tendency to ignore medical problems and to delay addressing them. They also avoided showing weakness to other men, which caused them to down-play their symptoms with male doctors. Women with strong Martian characteristics had similar outcomes as well, though it’s worse for men (perhaps because they are all Mars).

Astrologically, Venusians are sensitive, crave comfort and seek balance. Martian types are more headstrong, rash, and willing to take risks. And unfortunately, these characteristics don’t help them in the longevity department.

Read more about the Rutgers study here.