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The Retrograde Diaries — Episode 6

It’s not just you! I admit I can be a little absent-minded. But absent-mindedness doesn’t explain the confusion I experience under Mercury retrograde. We’re in it again from September 18 to October 9, 2015. Here are some recent incidents:

An agency sent me a PDF attachment to print and sign. I did not receive it. They tried three times, and it was not in the usual Spam folder they expected. Lost somewhere in cyberspace! They finally faxed it to me, and it looked so bad I needed to retype the whole form. Neither of us knew what happened. Re-try and re-do are Mercury retrograde keywords, but it’s always a little annoying.

I’d written to the U.S. Immigration Service for my grandmother’s records: I requested a search, they found her file and told me the number. I then paid for the records they’d found. I finally received a form letter from them saying there were no records! A typical Mercury retrograde mix-up. I followed-up with an e-mail and actually got a phone call in return, which I missed. The woman had left me a voice message with her phone number, but her name was garbled. I called back and left a message but have not heard from her since. A woman from the National Archives who’d recently been helpful confirmed that the file did exist and suggested I write a manager.

My e-mail said it was temporarily not recognized by my sister’s server. I sent the note to another address but she got both of them anyway.

On the plus side: I put a $10 bill into the machine to pump up my library card account. It read it as $20! In this Pluto in Capricorn world, dealing with all the bureaucracy has become extremely complicated. I would’ve tried to correct it, but it’s just too much trouble. Not under Mercury retrograde.

I just heard an NPR article on the science of mis-communication! Wonderful timing. Their answer is that we all make unwarranted assumptions. But obviously Mercury retrograde has something to do with it. Be forewarned!

Pope Francis in New York

Pope Francis visits New York City on Thursday, September 24, 2015. Can we evaluate his connection to New York astrologically? Why here and why now? Both a compatibility analysis and the synastry of progressions tell the story.

Conjunctions are the most powerful connections between horoscopes and show shared experiences in life. The Pope’s stellium of the North Node, Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in late Sagittarius and early Capricorn falls right on New York’s Mars, Venus, Sun and IC. His Moon and Venus in Aquarius also closely trine NY’s Ascendant and Jupiter in Libra.

Notable connections exist and Pope Francis is important to many New Yorkers. But what brings him here in September? We can see this in aspects of the two progressed charts. The Pope’s progressed Moon will be at 1 Capricorn on 9/24, closely conjoining NYC’s Mars and Venus and of course his own natal Jupiter since it’s activating both natal stelliums.

New York City’s progressed Moon in Leo falls in the Pope’s 1st house and closely opposes his natal Venus at the time of the visit. We want to spoil and indulge him, flatter him and make a big Leonine fuss. He’ll accept the royal treatment, but since his Venus is in Aquarius, he prefers sharing his humanitarian mission and ideals.

New York City’s progressed Venus in Taurus falls in the Pope’s eleventh house of community interaction and goals. It’s exactly inconjunct his Sun and sextiles Pluto in his 1st house. The City wants to ply him with Taurean food, luxurious surroundings and creature comforts. But Pope Francis’ 6th house Sun in Sagittarius is all about spirituality and service. He may drink our wine, but he won’t be phased by all the pomp and circumstance.

Pope Francis I was born on December 17, 1936 at 9:00 pm in Buenos Aires, Argentina, rated AA on Astrodatabank.

Greater New York was created on January 1, 1898 at 12:01 AM according to news sources.