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NYC’s Bike Path Attack

Inspired by ISIS, on October 31, 2017, Sayfullo Saipov drove a rented truck into a bike path in lower Manhattan, killing eight. Transiting Uranus conjoining the New York City’s Moon in Aries speaks of unpredictability and potential violence. But Uranus already conjoined the City’s Moon in Aries in May. Why were there no attacks then?

In February, I reviewed the previous Uranus cycle in 1933 and 1934, which reflected political reforms and innovations in housing and transportation. While I searched for any notable violent events, I found none. Earlier this year, NYC did have Uranian developments in technology, transportation and housing.

Setting the stage for the tragic Halloween attack was the Solar Eclipse at 29 Leo, which fell in NY’s 11th house, creating a grand trine with natal Moon, Venus and Mars while also squaring Uranus. And the progressed Moon in Virgo conjoined the eclipse point, then also squared NYC Uranus, exact on October 14. Progressed Mars in Aries would trine the City’s Uranus exactly on November 4, and is an obvious indicator for the possibility of violence. 

Transiting Uranus exactly conjoined the City’s Moon on October 15 and Jupiter sextiled NY’s Venus and Mars in Sagittarius in early October, more of a protective influence than anything else, but perhaps also allowing a foreign-born person (Jupiter) to plan a street attack (3rd house Venus and Mars). Saturn in Sagittarius was near the midpoint of the City’s Venus-Mars-Neptune opposition.

We are looking for a trigger that sets off the heavier influences. Transiting Mars is our usual suspect, and Mars also rules the 7th house of “open enemies” traditionally (and we already have progressed Mars exact to natal Uranus). Transiting Mars had begun to conjoin 1st house Jupiter in Libra, while approaching a sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius in the NYC 3rd house of local transportation. A sextile is generally not as violent as a square, but Mars with Saturn nevertheless retains its potential for crushing when combined. And the violence could very easily have been a lot worse, as the terrorist crashed the car into a school bus, injuring two children.

New York City has helpful influences for the rest of the year and into January of 2018. In November, transiting Saturn trines the NY Moon while Jupiter sextiles its Sun and trines its Midheaven from the 2nd house. Transiting Saturn conjunct the NYC Venus and Mars in December could potentially be a destructive combination, but now that the City is on greater alert, hopefully it represents greater vigilance and an increased police presence (the City has already installed concrete barriers on the bike path). New York’s progressed Midheaven in Scorpio trining the natal Midheaven in December and progressed Sun in the 8th trining natal Sun in January have similar overtones.

Uranus will conjoin New York City’s Moon for the final time in March of 2018.

See Michelle Young’s website for her in-depth analysis of the chart of the attack, along with Sayfullo Saipov’s noon chart, which has several extraordinary conjunctions with the NYC horoscope.

New York City and Uranus

In January, New York City announced wireless access on all subway platforms, and the new Second Avenue subway line opened. These sound like Uranian innovations, and transiting Uranus is beginning to heat up the City’s Moon, closely conjoining it from April 2017 through early 2018. What can we expect? Let’s see what happened last time.NYC skyline 1931-33

Uranus previously conjoined the NYC Moon at 26 Aries 40 from mid-1933 to early 1934. Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, a Republican supporter of FDR’s New Deal, was elected on a reform ticket as the City finally broke away from the Tammany Hall political machine. This seems appropriate since Uranus conjoining the Moon suggests a definitive turning point and new ways of doing things. Similarly, Federal Prohibition was repealed on 12/5/33 and the corruption that accompanied it also began to be driven out of the City.

The Moon also relates to the home and property, as well as larger-scale projects for entities like cities. There were important developments in housing and transportation in ’33-’34. Public works projects were begun, such as Knickerbocker Village, the first Federally funded apartment complex for low to middle income people. The Uranian principles of modernization, reorganization, circulation and electrification combined as NYC transit also expanded at that time; additional subway lines to Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens were opened. Greater New York

Looking ahead, it appears that developments in transportation will continue. There’s also been some progress made in affordable housing recently (see this New York Times article). Uranus’ influence suggests that innovative programs might continue to help. Mayor Bill deBlasio has made affordable housing a priority of his administration. He is up for re-election in November of 2017.

Uranus is often unpredictable. As we approach its exact conjunctions with the NYC Moon, other surprising innovations should develop.

Greater New York came into being on January 1, 1898 at 12:01 AM.

Pope Francis in New York

Pope Francis visits New York City on Thursday, September 24, 2015. Can we evaluate his connection to New York astrologically? Why here and why now? Both a compatibility analysis and the synastry of progressions tell the story.

Conjunctions are the most powerful connections between horoscopes and show shared experiences in life. The Pope’s stellium of the North Node, Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in late Sagittarius and early Capricorn falls right on New York’s Mars, Venus, Sun and IC. His Moon and Venus in Aquarius also closely trine NY’s Ascendant and Jupiter in Libra.

Notable connections exist and Pope Francis is important to many New Yorkers. But what brings him here in September? We can see this in aspects of the two progressed charts. The Pope’s progressed Moon will be at 1 Capricorn on 9/24, closely conjoining NYC’s Mars and Venus and of course his own natal Jupiter since it’s activating both natal stelliums.

New York City’s progressed Moon in Leo falls in the Pope’s 1st house and closely opposes his natal Venus at the time of the visit. We want to spoil and indulge him, flatter him and make a big Leonine fuss. He’ll accept the royal treatment, but since his Venus is in Aquarius, he prefers sharing his humanitarian mission and ideals.

New York City’s progressed Venus in Taurus falls in the Pope’s eleventh house of community interaction and goals. It’s exactly inconjunct his Sun and sextiles Pluto in his 1st house. The City wants to ply him with Taurean food, luxurious surroundings and creature comforts. But Pope Francis’ 6th house Sun in Sagittarius is all about spirituality and service. He may drink our wine, but he won’t be phased by all the pomp and circumstance.

Pope Francis I was born on December 17, 1936 at 9:00 pm in Buenos Aires, Argentina, rated AA on Astrodatabank.

Greater New York was created on January 1, 1898 at 12:01 AM according to news sources.

Evangeline Adams Podcast

I’m on Nick Dagan Best’s astrology podcast, I Love Astrology, talking about American astrologer Evangeline Adams and censorship, her problems with NYC’s fortune-telling law and the cancellation of her radio show in 1931. Nick has some intriguing discussions with co-host Leisa Schaim and also interviews Kim Farnell on Alan Leo and Gary Christen on Alfred Witte and Elsbeth Ebertin. I love the history, and some of these early 20th century events now go back over a hundred years.

Candidate Trump’s Horoscope

Donald Trump is at the top of polls among more than a dozen Republican presidential candidates for 2016, despite his divisive comments about illegal immigrants, Senator John McCain’s war record and other issues. With Mars rising in Leo in sextile to his Sun in the 10th house, his arrogance and aggressiveness have gotten him ahead; people also appear to be attracted to his candor.

Jupiter in Leo conjoins Trump’s Mars toward the end of July and conjoins his Ascendant in early August, keeping him center stage and giving him ample opportunity to create drama and attract attention.

Trump also has Mercury in Cancer in his horoscope, closely squaring his Neptune. This makes for someone who thinks emotionally and may misunderstand things. His rhetoric has made him popular on reality TV and his gut instincts have earns him billions. Yet as several of his sponsors have now agreed, his judgment is flawed. But Neptune is a transcendental planet, and its aspects can create a resonance with the mass mind. Transiting Neptune through Trump’s 7th house exactly trines his Mercury in August, so he should continue to be heard by a wide audience.

Donald Trump’s natal Jupiter conjoins his 3rd house cusp and trines his Sun and Uranus, giving him an ease of expression and easy success. But Saturn in his 11th house also squares his Jupiter, limiting the extent to which people will ultimately choose to listen. Saturn traditionally rules his Aquarius 7th house, and Jupiter is the co-ruler since the sign of Pisces makes up most of his 7th. So both 7th house rulers square one another. We have seen this dynamic play out in his personal relationships (he’s been married three times and divorced twice).

But the 7th house also rules public opinion. As transiting Saturn stations in square to Trump’s Ascendant from late July to early August, he will need to adjust his message to the realities of the situation. Saturn will exactly square his Ascendant and 7th house cusp in September, focusing his energies but also limiting his success with spontaneous one-liners. He will have to learn to temper his speech if he wants to stick to his presidential goals.

Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946 at 10:54 AM in Jamaica, Queens, according to his Birth Certificate and rated AA Astrodatabank.

A Brooklyn Tragedy

On March 21, 2015, Gayle and Gabriel Sassoon’s home in Brooklyn was destroyed by fire, killing seven of their eight children. Can we anticipate such an extreme event astrologically? And how would it look? Heavy transiting planets often activate the natal chart at momentous times like these.

This was an electrical fire that changed the fate of a large family literally overnight. Must be Uranus, right? But the overwhelming extent of the devastation also suggests Pluto. Of course, the long-term transit of Uranus square Pluto was exact less than two weeks before the fire, strengthening these energies and creating a major upheaval. We are all affected by the Uranus square Pluto trend, but those whose birth charts they contact most closely will feel their effects more strongly. And of course, most of us will not experience such an unusual tragedy, which will be seen in birth chart patterns as well.

Gabriel Sassoon was born on April 28, 1972 according to public records. His full Moon chart with the Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio suggests a life of drama, at least from time to time, as well as complex issues surrounding his home life. The Moon in Scorpio, while in its fall, is nevertheless fruitful when considering children astrologically. With Jupiter trining and sextiling his Sun-Moon opposition, he was also lucky. One certainly can’t consider him lucky in losing most of a large family, but he did survive, being away at a religious retreat at the time of the fire. This combination of luck and tragedy is indicated by his Jupiter in Capricorn, the sign of its fall. There is loss, but something remains. Transiting Neptune also sextiled the Sun trine Jupiter birth chart pattern, providing solace in religion.

Sassoon’s Saturn closely opposes Neptune, showing a need to balance practical reality and ideals. The Sassoons were orthodox Jews, and this resonates with Saturn’s focus on tradition and Neptune’s on ideology. Transiting Saturn at its stationary point strengthened its effects. It closely conjoined Gabriel’s Neptune and opposed his Saturn at the time of the accident, presenting a major change and removing his established security. He was pushed into a new phase as we so often are with Saturn.  Perhaps this combination also shows the negligence in not installing smoke alarms on the family’s main floors.

Gabriel Sassoon also has Uranus opposite Mercury in his birth chart. The transiting Uranus square Pluto pattern exactly squared Uranus. Here is the overwhelming sudden and unexpected event which changed everything forever.

We can see in this example how each of the heavier transiting planets added to the overall event. While no one but a psychic could have foreseen exactly how things would fall out, Uranus and Pluto did forecast a sudden, irrevocable change, and Saturn inevitably moved Sassoon into a new phase of his life. Neptune brought about a confusing event where he lacked the ability to rescue his family. Jupiter allowed him to survive. With a properly timed birth chart, we would know even more. And certainly looking at eclipses, declinations and other astrological tools would fill out this sad story and help us better understand how it happened.

Rudy Giuliani and Neptune

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has returned to the center of media attention for his controversial remarks about President Obama. At a 2/18/15 dinner for a potential Republican presidential candidate, he stated that Obama “doesn’t love America.” News outlets leapt to cover his remarks. Giuliani almost immediately reported receiving death threats. Some commentators suggested that the Mayor’s statements were racially motivated. And a You-Tube video from a black adolescent in Georgia, defending Giuliani, went viral. All of these effects are due to Neptune’s influence.

Barbara Watters describes one of Neptune’s actions as diffusion – spreading over a wide area. It relates to the loss of the individual ego as it merges with the collective. Giuliani’s thoughts are in keeping with partisan political rhetoric; there’s nothing new in Republicans calling Democrats un-American and linking them with Socialists and Communists. Yet partisan politics, at its worst, is blind allegiance, the opposite of thoughtful commentary. Neptune sets off emotional reactions – a story “going viral” implies infection or a malicious attack. We’re intuitively drawn to fight both, further spreading the story.

Rudy Giuliani was born on May 28, 1944 in Brooklyn, NY (rated “A” on Astrodatabank).  He has Neptune rising in trine to his Sun in the 9th house. He’s no stranger to controversy, but was also hailed as “America’s Mayor” for his leadership following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Transiting Neptune at that time was closely trining his Sun, a flowing aspect, and Giuliani was perfectly in tune with its trend. The collective needed assurance and Giuliani provided it. There were more flags displayed at that time than on the 4th of July as individuals merged into the collective of America.

Giuliani is still the same person, but his message isn’t playing out in the same way. Neptune is now exactly squaring his Sun – and a square doesn’t have the ease and acceptance of the trine aspect; he’s now at least somewhat at odds with prevailing trends. However it can still generate much attention. Neptune will square Giuliani’s Sun again from late 2015 to early 2016 – so we can expect some more news from him at that time.

Many politicians have significant Neptune placements in their birth charts. These may indicate idealism and faith or misconduct and corruption – and perhaps a little of both. We can also use Neptune as a forecasting tool, indicating whether collective trends will be in favor of a particular candidate. President Obama has the Sun square Neptune in his natal horoscope. For the 2012 presidential election, transiting Neptune was in his first house, trining his Venus. His opponents Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan both has transiting Neptune squaring their Ascendants. One aspect can never be dispositive, but this example highlights an obvious one.

Mario Cuomo Astrologically

Commentators agree, describing former NYS Governor Mario Cuomo as a “liberal lion.” Is it any surprise to find he had Leo rising with Jupiter in Leo in the first house? The description of his life magnificently accords with his natal horoscope. The following are excerpts from his NY Times obituary, along with their obvious astrological parallels.

Jupiter in Leo rising

“A man of large intellect and often unrestrained personality”
“It was baseball, not politics, that first engaged him”
“a storm of energy and ideas”
“he seemed inexhaustible”
“burst beyond the state’s boundaries”
“electric spirit and rolling cadences… made him so evocative a speaker”
“essentially liberal view of government never wavered”

Jupiter square the Moon in Scorpio in the 4th house:
“I obviously am the original ethnic from Queens.”

“He was a tenacious debater and a spellbinding speaker”
“He had a pointed sense of humor”
“held to more than a few opinions that went against the grain of public opinion”
“Most prominent was his opposition to the death penalty, an unpopular view”
“His parents, penniless and unable to speak English…”

Sun and Mercury in Gemini with Mercury Out of Bounds

“A man of contradictions who enjoyed Socratic arguments with himself”
“displayed a restless intellect and a love of learning”
“majored in Latin American studies, English and Philosophy”
“a lawyer by profession”
“role of mediator”
“indecision or even disingenuousness”

Saturn in Aquarius inconjunct Neptune:
“People asked me what I want as an epitaph. He tried.”

“Always given to self-doubt and second-guessing”
“His ambitions for an activist government were thwarted by recession”
“He may be remembered more for the things he never did than for what he accomplished”
“Served longer than any of his 51 predecessors except Rockefeller and… George Clinton”
“tortuous deliberations over whether to seek the White House”

Mario Cuomo was born on 6/15/32 at approximately 9:30 a.m. in Jamaica, Queens, NY, rated A on Astrodatabank.  I wrote to Cuomo’s office in the 90s, asking for his time of birth. An assistant interested in astrology called me to say that she had spoken with his mother, who stated that he was born at home between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m.


Mayor deBlasio’s Jupiter Forecast

NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio spoke in sympathy with protestors against racial profiling, resulting in division, anger and mistrust from the police department. The murders of two Brooklyn officers on December 22 further inflamed the situation.

DeBlasio has the Sun in the 7th house of partnerships, in square to a prominent Uranus in his 10th house of reputation. Part of his success (10th house) is due to his singular (Uranus) relationship with his wife, Chirlane McCray (7th house Sun). But this aspect may also signify sudden, unexpected and unusual developments (Uranus) affecting his status (10th) and, in traditional astrology, what are called “open enemies” (7th house).

We can observe developments in deBlasio’s horoscope and forecast the length of his engagement with these issues by identifying when his prominent square pattern is activated.

Transiting Saturn opposed deBlasio’s Sun and squared his Uranus in September and October of 2014 when a forensic expert agreed that neck compressions killed Eric Garner and a Staten Island grand jury began hearing evidence in Garner’s death. These significant events set the stage for what followed.

Jupiter activated the same pattern in October and November. But planets are strongest when at their stationary points, and Jupiter stationed conjunct deBlasio’s Uranus from November through January of 2015. There were swift developments in the City as Jupiter stationed near the top of deBlasio’s chart. Accused officer Pantaleo testified in November. On December 3, the grand Jury chose not to indict him; deBlasio commented about his need to instruct his son in dealings with the police; and thousands began protesting. Officers Liu and Ramos were killed on 12/22/14 and deBlasio met with police leaders on 12/30. Jupiter will again square the Mayor’s Sun in February.

Jupiter through the 10th house can bring things out in the open and helps air diverse viewpoints. And while Jupiter can stir up controversy, it tends to be more preservative than destructive. So I believe that while Mayor deBlasio may continue to attract some controversy, he’ll be able to appease his critics.

Jupiter will repeat the pattern in June and July of 2015, bringing the Mayor another phase of similar issues, with perhaps some unexpected developments that are also in keeping with his natal Sun square Uranus.

Lady Gaga and Saturn

Radio City Music Hall continues selling tickets to Lady Gaga in concert with old-time crooner Tony Bennett. Their album of jazz standards, Cheek to Cheek was released in September of 2014, and quickly rose to #1 on the Billboard charts. This is Gaga’s third consecutive #1 album, and at 88, Bennett maintains his distinction of being the oldest singer with a #1 hit. But aside from their NY Italian-American roots, what are these two doing together? If you consider Saturn, it’s obvious.

Gaga has the Moon at 11 Scorpio 27. She underwent hip surgery as Saturn stationed exactly on her Moon in February of 2013, perhaps forcing her to consider simpler, more basic music for a time. Bennett has Saturn at 19 Scorpio 29 and becomes for her the personification of Saturn – quite literally in the form of an old man (he experienced his third Saturn return this year). His Saturn conjoins her Moon, making long-term collaboration between them a very real possibility. And Gaga’s Saturn also trines Bennett’s Leo Sun within about a degree. If Saturn provides the glue that makes relationships stick, this commitment goes both ways.

And fascinatingly, they both make each other sound better! Lady Gaga is known as more of a Uranian type of performer – it’s often more about theatrics and technology than her vocals. While she actually has a beautiful, strong voice, you almost need to see her at the piano or raised on some contraption over the floor – there’s something missing from her solos. And Tony Bennett used to be able to sing, but that was decades ago. (A PBS broadcast of the duo’s concert showed audiences giving him a standing ovation for a solo – they’re just glad he’s still alive.) However something wonderful happens when they’re together and they seem to compensate for any liabilities in each other’s performances. Such an emphasis on Saturn in their relationship suggests that they’ve worked on it.

As Saturn passes into Sagittarius in 2015-2016, Gaga will experience her first Saturn return. With so much success behind her, it’s hard to remember that she’s still only 28. It’ll be interesting to see what her next act will be.

Lady Gaga was born on March 28, 1986 at 9:53 AM in Manhattan (rated “B” on Astrodatabank; the source is her Twitter page. Tony Bennett was born on August 3, 1926 in Long Island City, NY, with no time available.