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Bill Cosby, Uranus and Pluto

Over a dozen allegations of drugging and sexual assault are aimed at Bill Cosby. The comedian was born July 12, 1937 at 12:30 AM in Philadelphia (data rated “A” on Astrodatabank). His Midheaven is 11 Capricorn 56. The Midheaven of course represents the career, public reputation and status.

With transiting Pluto conjoining his Midheaven exactly next week, Cosby’s reputation as a warm and caring father figure is falling apart. He has already had contracts and bookings cancelled. Pluto tends to unearth the past and bring secrets to light. It can represent complexity and power struggles. Cosby has resolved similar allegations out of court in the past, avoiding public scrutiny. However Pluto is now bringing things out into the open.

Transiting Uranus through Cosby’s 12th house will station at less than a half a degree from squaring his MC in December, suggesting additional revelations or dramatic developments.

If the furor dies down in early 2015 as these aspects wane, I suspect that it will heat up again as Uranus and Pluto close in on Cosby’s Ascendant-Sun-Jupiter T-square. Uranus will activate the T-square as it conjoins his Ascendant from June 2015 through March 2017. Pluto will do the same from the 10th house from late 2018 to late 2020.

USA Horoscopes

Robert Carl Jansky in his 1979 book Interpreting the Eclipses discusses the chart for the United States. (page 75). He says that the U.S. horoscope with 7-1/2 Gemini rising closely conjunct Uranus (approximately 2:15 AM on July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia) is the chart “that a majority of astrologers have come to recognize as the correct one.” In his analysis he also considers a Libra rising as well as a Sagittarius rising chart that he credits to Dane Rudhyar.

How things have changed! In the years subsequent to 9/11, many more astrologers have accepted a Sagittarius rising horoscope, due to the fact that transiting Pluto was conjoining this chart’s Ascendant at the time of the attacks. It seems to me that this event has changed our thinking radically. A major event, surely, but still only one.

And while many astrologers have presented documentary evidence for one chart or another, basically none of them are dispositive.

I use Evangeline Adams’ 3:03 AM Gemini rising chart for 7/4/1776 which has Mars rising and the Moon in the 9th house. Jupiter rules the 7th and is placed in the 1st house. This is strong symbolism for being a nation of immigrants who come from afar. But I can’t support it further except to say that it seems to work for me. And while Astrodatabank gives a source for her data, this does not seem to be based on any documentary evidence that is available.