Monthly Archives: November 2015

The Signs and Bureaucracy

We tend to favor aspects over signs these days. But the quality of the signs themselves can be very revealing and help us anticipate what’s to come.

Last week, I stopped into a downtown bank to pick up forms to be added to my mom’s account. I was told that she must come in with me. Since my mother has severe arthritis and rarely leaves the house, this was impossible. The banker then said we could put a Power of Attorney on the account. I already had a general Power of Attorney and said I’d bring that in.

I decided to go the following day, with the Moon in Scorpio and flowing lunar aspects that I hoped would help me. I went to a local branch armed with my Power of Attorney.

The banker there was the epitome of Scorpio, wanting to control everything about our relationship. While a nicely dressed, calm and well-spoken young man, he argued that my mother needed to come in, that I must use their form and that the other branch had given me incorrect information. He finally agreed to scan my POA and e-mail it to their legal department for review. While we waited, he reiterated his very “fixed” plan for me. But my POA ended up being approved! I simply needed to fill out a short form with my signature notarized. However the banker was undaunted, continuing to insist that the best thing would be to do it his, more involved and complicated, way. When pressed, he informed me that everything would be saved online and I’d only need to drop off the new form. He then gave me unsolicited advice about my need to get up-to-date and do all of my banking online. I finally left with my form after 45 minutes at the bank.

I waited several days to return to the downtown branch with flowing aspects and a Sagittarius Moon. Another well-spoken, well-dressed young man stepped up to help me. Like a breath of fresh air, he was friendly, open and responsive, seeming to want to expand our relationship. Good. However he proceeded to inform me that he had to re-do all the work of the previous clerk. While he did so and we waited for approval, he asked about my living situation and digressed about his plans to buy an apartment, his divorce and his own personal investment options – too much information! Typical Sagittarius. All proceeded smoothly, though this time the visit took nearly an hour. More “expansive,” all around as we’d say in astrologese.

He then gave me a sales pitch to open a new account for myself. I politely declined, putting on my jacket to escape. Despite the different flavors of Scorpio and Sagittarius Moons, bureaucracy is still bureaucracy and this bank had it at every turn.

Jupiter square Jupiter

I recently had transiting Jupiter square my natal Jupiter. This can be a time to stretch our boundaries and explore new vistas. During the transit, I had an odd dream that seemed to resonate with this symbolism.

I was leaving a high-rise building in Manhattan with my husband. The elevator arrived but it wasn’t clear if it was going up or down. I took a chance and got in: if it went up, it would be a short ride before it returned. My husband waited.

Once in the elevator, it was obvious that the ceiling was too low – I had to sit on the floor. Meanwhile, a technician was cleaning some mechanical parts in the other side of the cab, and I worried that something might be wrong. We did in fact go up and returned back down, when my husband got on and we got to the ground floor without any problems.

Obviously, I’d taken a risk in the dream, which is Jupiterian thing to do. I’d assumed my actions would simplify things, taking a “shortcut” in a way, but I’d made myself uncomfortable and perhaps wasted time. Still, the trade-off was experience, as it was not exactly what I expected and I had a minor adventure.

An elevator going up may symbolize a rise in consciousness, which Jupiter does, too. I expanded beyond my boundaries, but it wasn’t comfortable – which might be in keeping with the square aspect. Maybe the elevator car also represented the current limitations of my life that I needed to exceed. Though I did feel better returning to earth with my husband!

The physical act of travel is very common when we have Jupiter transits, and for me, this was metaphoric rather than real. Some of the key words for Jupiter are expansion, raising status (in this case, figuratively) and speculation. All seem appropriate.