I’ve written many different kinds of articles for a wide variety of publications — light, fun pieces, birth chart interpretations, and research on astrology techniques and the history of astrology — from astrology journals to mainstream magazines.

Astrological Techniques

I had a long-term relationship with American Astrology magazine where I wrote many features as well as the “Choose Your Career” advice column every month. I was also a staff astrologer and fulfilled personal horoscope orders for readers. Here’s a piece I wrote for American Astrology on the Saturn Return, which represents a turning point in our lives right before the age of 30 and again around 57-58.

I wrote the quarterly “Declination in the News” column for The Other Dimension astrology journal from 2001 to 2011. One of my most popular pieces was The Progressed Moon in Declination, based on the work of John M. Hansen and inspired by a lecture by Al H. Morrison. This article presents a different way to progress the Moon and I believe a more significant one.


I loved the horoscopes in Seventeen magazine as a girl and always wanted to write them — part of what prompted me to write about astrology in the first place! I got to know the editors and wrote a series of funny quizzes for them — click here for one. This encouraged me to write some humor pieces for girls — see The Last Sleepover.

Wedding Songs captures the often challenging experience of wedding planning.

Wedding Astrology

As the astrologer for Modern Bride and Your Prom for nearly ten years, I became interested in wedding astrology, writing my book Your Wedding Astrologer (a guide for the bride) and many articles about choosing wedding dates astrologically. Brides are often interested in the meaning of Mercury Retrograde and Venus Retrograde for their wedding days.

Here’s an article I wrote about Eclipse Weddings.

History of Astrology

Having studied Babylonian astrology with Rumen Kolev, I also became very interested in the night sky. But there are challenges and limitations with viewing in such an overly-lit area as New York. City Lights describes some of my experiences.

One of my enduring interests is 19th century astrology in the U.S. Dr. Broughton in New York is the story of a prominent astrologer and a fascinating episode of prejudice against him in Manhattan.