What Evangeline Adams Knew

by Karen Christino; Stella Mira Books, 2004

Once the world’s most famous astrologer, Evangeline Adams single-handedly popularized astrology in the United States. Now, for the first time, Adams’ biographer, astrologer Karen Christino, uncovers all of her astrological secrets. In an easy-to-understand format, you’ll discover:

– How Adams predicted World War II and the stock market crash of 1929
– How Evangeline foresaw death for Enrico Caruso and Rudolph Valentino
– How she chose presidential winners
– Evangeline’s work with the magician Aleister Crowley, and for clients like Edgar Cayce, Joseph Campbell, Eugene O’Neill and Tallulah Bankhead
– Evangeline on trial, with actual court transcripts
– How Evangeline chose travel and wedding dates, and analyzed the potential for marriage in the horoscope.

What Evangeline Adams Knew“In her spellbinding book, FORESEEING THE FUTURE, Karen Christino told the life and career story of Evangeline Adams superbly – I could not put the book down for even a moment! Now, in the sequel, WHAT EVANGELINE ADAMS KNEW, Christino has done it again! She has given us a book of techniques grounded on Adams’ way of using astrology. Just how did Evangeline create her miracles? With 85 horoscope examples, brilliantly analyzed in the Adams style, guided by painstakingly researched annotations by Adams herself, Christino brings it all to life! Adams’ ‘New Horary’ (her new ascendant technique), her Electional skill, her confident use of the simplest measurement management are simply enthralling to read and study.” – Noel Tyl, astrologer and author.

“A unique opportunity for practicing astrologers to examine the techniques used by one of the world’s most renowned astrologers… The author’s own astrological expertise is obvious.” – The Mountain Astrologer

“Fantastic and astonishing and anyone interested in learning more about astrology will find this book an grossing and exciting guide.” – Dell Horoscope

Anyone wishing to succeed as a professional astrologer will learn much by studying how Adams applied astrology in the ways she did. Karen Christino brilliantly describes these in this very readable book. Highly recommended. – Considerations

A true honoring of a giant in our history… brilliantly presented… I cannot recommend this book highly enough. – ISAR International Astrologer

Christino has once again done a tremendous amount of research, and it pays off… This book is remarkable in the amount of material Christino resurrected and presents. Kudos to the author! – The Astrologers’ Newsletter

… well written, hard to put down, thoroughly enjoyable, and highly recommended. – NCGR memberletter

… almost seems to channel the late, great First Lady of Astrology with her insightful take on Adams’ forecasting style… smart and satisfying… should have a place on a bookshelf in every astrologer’s home. I predict we will be hearing a lot more from Karen Christino, who clearly puts her heart and soul into her work. – NCGR Geocosmic Journal

… both instructive and entertaining, and it is definitely recommended. – Horoscope Guide

… buy, read and enjoy learning what it was that Evangeline Adams Knew. She knew quite a bit. – Skyscript.co.uk