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My First E-Book!

It took this old fashioned Capricorn too long to catch up with technology. But now, my new astrology book, Regal Brides, is available both in print and for Kindle.  Regal Brides Kindle

Regal Brides looks at the lives and horoscopes of five American women who became royals themselves through marriage: Consuelo Vanderbilt (The Duchess of Marlborough), Wallis Simpson (the Duchess of Windsor), Grace Kelly (Princess Grace of Monaco), Hope Cooke (the Queen of Sikkim) and Lisa Halaby (Queen Noor of Jordan). Their husbands’ horoscopes and wedding charts are also considered. I’ve been fascinated with wedding horoscopes since I wrote for Modern Bride magazine, and am always drawn to horoscopes of exceptional people and situations; this book covers it all. 
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Buy for Kindle: Regal Brides: The Astrology of Five American Women and their Royal Marriages (The Inquiring Astrologer)

Buy in Print: Regal Brides: The Astrology of Five American Women and their Royal Marriages (The Inquiring Astrologer)

Scalia and Saturn

Justice Antonin Scalia served on the Supreme Court for 29 years – the magic Saturn cycle number. So Saturn must have played a significant part in his experience. And he was a very Saturn character.

Saturn is known for its conservatism, and Scalia presented the conservative viewpoint in his decisions as well as in his life. He remained a staunch opponent of both abortion and gay marriage, and solidified individuals’ rights to own guns. Saturn typically protects the status quo and is not an innovator. Scalia took a historical view of what the Constitution meant when it was written, rather than seeing it as a living document, since Saturn rules both history and endurance.

And talk about job security – something every Saturn person wants. How many jobs have a lifetime guarantee? Scalia found one.

When we look at Justice Scalia’s horoscope, it’s no surprise to see he was born with Saturn conjunct his Sun. He respected authority and became an authority himself. (Of course there was much more to the man and his horoscope, though Saturn is a strong factor.)

Scalia was appointed by Ronald Regan and affirmed by the Senate on September 17, 1986. Saturn was at 5 Sagittarius and had recently stationed in trine to his Leo Midheaven, while Uranus, also in Sagittarius, was near the midpoint of a square to his Sun conjunct Saturn. When he died on February 13, 2016, just a month shy of his 80th birthday, transiting Saturn was again in Sagittarius and squared his Saturn.

Justice Antonin Scalia was born on March 11, 1936 at 8:55 pm in Trenton, New Jersey, according to his birth certificate and Astrodatabank.