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Horoscope Guide Review

Ken Irving wrote an upbeat and positive review of my book The Precious Pachyderm:  An Evangeline Adams Mystery in the March, 2017 issue of Horoscope Guide (see below).  (The magazine also includes Jackie Sleven’s forecast, Tomorrow’s News and an article on Venus retrograde.)  Horoscope Guide 3-17

“Move over, Miss Marple!  There’s a new detective in the neighborhood and her name is…Evangeline Adams.  Yes, really, the famous American astrologer finds herself embroiled in a case involving a dead businessman, a valuable item gone walkabout, and herself as the prime suspect.  Though Adams is not alone in trying to work out the problem of who (her two assistants do a lot of the legwork), she is thinking astrologically all the way along.  In fact, given the problems to be worked out, at times we can feel a little sorry for Ms. Adams living in the era she did, as it would have been nice for her to have a PC or a smart-phone app rather than an ephemeris and a supply of pencils, pens, and horoscope blanks.  No matter, as our intrepid astrologer digs in and saves the day.  This fun tale is, by the way, written by the author of the definitive biography of the real-life astrologer, What Evangeline Adams Knew.  Grab a copy and settle in for a good read.”

More about The Precious Pachyderm here

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Baldwin as Trump

Alec Baldwin is the new face of Donald Trump.  How do their horoscopes compare?Baldwin as Trump

Baldwin has a ring of sextiles in his chart – Pluto to Jupiter to Saturn to Venus to Mercury and back to Pluto with a trine, completing the circuit.  This near-Star of David pattern has given him success over the years, and Donald Trump’s Ascendant and rising Mars fall right on top of it.  Most significantly, Baldwin’s Saturn conjoins Trump’s Moon and trines his Ascendant and Mars.  These aspects from Saturn are classic connections that are often seen in Trump-Baldwinlong-term partnerships.

In addition, Baldwin’s Pluto conjoins Trump’s Ascendant and Mars, so he’s transforming him and manipulating his image (which makes Trump angry, of course!)  Another telling combination is Trump’s Neptune closely conjoining Baldwin’s Moon in his 3rd house.  Donald Trump inspires him and he eerily mimics his speech patterns in his uncanny imitation.

Alec Baldwin will experience his Saturn return this year, stabilizing his career and heightening his connections with Trump.  In addition, he’ll have his Jupiter return this fall, also activating his major sextile pattern and increasing his exposure.  It’s a good bet that he’ll keep appearing in the role of Donald Trump.

Alec Baldwin was born on April 4, 1958 in Amityville, New York, according to Wikipedia.

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NY’s Second Avenue Subway

What’s the horoscope of a subway look like? Manhattan’s Second Avenue subway left 57th Street and 7th Avenue for the first time at 12:01 PM on New Year’s Day, 2017, according to AM New York. The train extends service in the Upper East Side to 96th Street.2nd-ave-subway

Mercury retrograde in the 9th house already provided a broken elevator at 86th Street, a locked women’s room, and a recording announcing delays from “train traffic ahead.” But as Mercury also sextiles Mars and Neptune, the ride was completed successfully.

The Moon conjoins and exactly parallel’s Venus in Aquarius in the 11th house, with both trining Jupiter in Libra. Jupiter indicates large-scale transit, and conjoins the 7th house cusp, insuring popularity. Real estate commentators expect prices in the surrounding neighborhoods to rise. As Venus rules the 2nd house of money and the Moon rules the 4th of property, their trine to Jupiter confirms this obvious assessment. The Sun in Capricorn at the Midheaven and conjoining Pluto also suggests an important business transformation.2nd-ave-subway

The most dynamic configuration in the chart is a close angular T-square of Uranus rising opposite Jupiter on the Descendant, with both squaring Pluto in the 10th house. Astrologically it appears that this extension is both notable and innovative. Pluto in Capricorn’s influence echoes the fact that it’s taken over 70 years to replace the Second Avenue elevated train that was demolished in the 1940s. The MTA promises more efficient travel times for many, but it appears that there may be some significant issues to resolve before that becomes a reality.

The next planned phase will extend the line to Harlem.