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Aspects in Astrology

The horoscope chart is like a roadmap. It very succinctly shows us the things we can take for granted as well as the areas of life that we’ll need to work on. Astrological aspects give us one way to analyze the map’s potential.

“Soft” or flowing aspects indicate things that are easy for us. With sextiles and trines, only a little effort is necessary to maximize what’s promised by the linked planets. With the Moon sextile Venus, for example, one easily finds opportunities to develop relationships with women and can have an intuitive connection with them. However this aspect does not push one toward any kind of spectacular achievement. If things become difficult, other relationships generally come along to release the pressure.

“Hard” or challenging aspects are motivators that force us to do more. These planetary patterns are not easily ignored and will be activated periodically throughout life. The Sun square or opposite Saturn demands hard work in order to succeed. Those with hard aspects may also experience more disruptive changes or set-backs from time to time than a person with the Sun trine Saturn. People with challenging aspects might crave a comfortable rut, but the Universe will not let them rest in it for very long. These aspects create those determined to achieve, who can learn to make the most of what they’ve been given.

Of course, the ideal is to have both hard and soft aspects in the natal chart, which most of us do. While we’re given challenges to motivate us, there are also opportunities to embrace. We’re pushed to solve problems but also have enough support and opportunity to help us do so.

Mario Cuomo Astrologically

Commentators agree, describing former NYS Governor Mario Cuomo as a “liberal lion.” Is it any surprise to find he had Leo rising with Jupiter in Leo in the first house? The description of his life magnificently accords with his natal horoscope. The following are excerpts from his NY Times obituary, along with their obvious astrological parallels.

Jupiter in Leo rising

“A man of large intellect and often unrestrained personality”
“It was baseball, not politics, that first engaged him”
“a storm of energy and ideas”
“he seemed inexhaustible”
“burst beyond the state’s boundaries”
“electric spirit and rolling cadences… made him so evocative a speaker”
“essentially liberal view of government never wavered”

Jupiter square the Moon in Scorpio in the 4th house:
“I obviously am the original ethnic from Queens.”

“He was a tenacious debater and a spellbinding speaker”
“He had a pointed sense of humor”
“held to more than a few opinions that went against the grain of public opinion”
“Most prominent was his opposition to the death penalty, an unpopular view”
“His parents, penniless and unable to speak English…”

Sun and Mercury in Gemini with Mercury Out of Bounds

“A man of contradictions who enjoyed Socratic arguments with himself”
“displayed a restless intellect and a love of learning”
“majored in Latin American studies, English and Philosophy”
“a lawyer by profession”
“role of mediator”
“indecision or even disingenuousness”

Saturn in Aquarius inconjunct Neptune:
“People asked me what I want as an epitaph. He tried.”

“Always given to self-doubt and second-guessing”
“His ambitions for an activist government were thwarted by recession”
“He may be remembered more for the things he never did than for what he accomplished”
“Served longer than any of his 51 predecessors except Rockefeller and… George Clinton”
“tortuous deliberations over whether to seek the White House”

Mario Cuomo was born on 6/15/32 at approximately 9:30 a.m. in Jamaica, Queens, NY, rated A on Astrodatabank.  I wrote to Cuomo’s office in the 90s, asking for his time of birth. An assistant interested in astrology called me to say that she had spoken with his mother, who stated that he was born at home between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m.


Mayor deBlasio’s Jupiter Forecast

NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio spoke in sympathy with protestors against racial profiling, resulting in division, anger and mistrust from the police department. The murders of two Brooklyn officers on December 22 further inflamed the situation.

DeBlasio has the Sun in the 7th house of partnerships, in square to a prominent Uranus in his 10th house of reputation. Part of his success (10th house) is due to his singular (Uranus) relationship with his wife, Chirlane McCray (7th house Sun). But this aspect may also signify sudden, unexpected and unusual developments (Uranus) affecting his status (10th) and, in traditional astrology, what are called “open enemies” (7th house).

We can observe developments in deBlasio’s horoscope and forecast the length of his engagement with these issues by identifying when his prominent square pattern is activated.

Transiting Saturn opposed deBlasio’s Sun and squared his Uranus in September and October of 2014 when a forensic expert agreed that neck compressions killed Eric Garner and a Staten Island grand jury began hearing evidence in Garner’s death. These significant events set the stage for what followed.

Jupiter activated the same pattern in October and November. But planets are strongest when at their stationary points, and Jupiter stationed conjunct deBlasio’s Uranus from November through January of 2015. There were swift developments in the City as Jupiter stationed near the top of deBlasio’s chart. Accused officer Pantaleo testified in November. On December 3, the grand Jury chose not to indict him; deBlasio commented about his need to instruct his son in dealings with the police; and thousands began protesting. Officers Liu and Ramos were killed on 12/22/14 and deBlasio met with police leaders on 12/30. Jupiter will again square the Mayor’s Sun in February.

Jupiter through the 10th house can bring things out in the open and helps air diverse viewpoints. And while Jupiter can stir up controversy, it tends to be more preservative than destructive. So I believe that while Mayor deBlasio may continue to attract some controversy, he’ll be able to appease his critics.

Jupiter will repeat the pattern in June and July of 2015, bringing the Mayor another phase of similar issues, with perhaps some unexpected developments that are also in keeping with his natal Sun square Uranus.