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Donald Trump, Jr.

Capricorn Donald Trump, Jr. is busy with his father’s business, but has admitted he met with a Russian lawyer during the campaign to scope out dirt on Hillary Clinton. The New York Times says he’s already changed his story. With Mercury conjoining Neptune in his birth chart, are we getting the truth?

Trump, Jr.’s Mercury-Neptune mirrors his father’s Mercury square Neptune. Donald Jr.’s Mercury is further emphasized by being at its station – moving from retrograde to direct, and also falls right on his father’s Sun-Node-Moon opposition (Sr.’s natal eclipse).

Transiting Saturn will station right on Donald Jr.’s Mercury in August as it also conjoins his father’s Moon at the same time. They share any transits to this point and some of the experiences that Saturn is bringing up. There may be substance to this story and we should hear more over the next few months.

Transiting Jupiter in Libra conjoins Jr.’s Pluto this month, suggesting that the truth will come out. But Jupiter will also sextile Mercury by the end of August, and go on to trine his Jupiter and sextile his Saturn and Venus in the fall. These are favorable aspects that should facilitate things for him.

We have no birth time for Donald, Jr. Transiting Neptune may be opposing his Moon, further confusing the situation. Transiting Pluto might also be trining his Moon, which could help him, through powerful family members, avoid any culpability. Pluto, when it trines his Moon, should dredge up his family’s past in many ways. Without a birth time, though, it’s difficult to tell which influence will predominate this year.

Baldwin as Trump

Alec Baldwin is the new face of Donald Trump.  How do their horoscopes compare?Baldwin as Trump

Baldwin has a ring of sextiles in his chart – Pluto to Jupiter to Saturn to Venus to Mercury and back to Pluto with a trine, completing the circuit.  This near-Star of David pattern has given him success over the years, and Donald Trump’s Ascendant and rising Mars fall right on top of it.  Most significantly, Baldwin’s Saturn conjoins Trump’s Moon and trines his Ascendant and Mars.  These aspects from Saturn are classic connections that are often seen in Trump-Baldwinlong-term partnerships.

In addition, Baldwin’s Pluto conjoins Trump’s Ascendant and Mars, so he’s transforming him and manipulating his image (which makes Trump angry, of course!)  Another telling combination is Trump’s Neptune closely conjoining Baldwin’s Moon in his 3rd house.  Donald Trump inspires him and he eerily mimics his speech patterns in his uncanny imitation.

Alec Baldwin will experience his Saturn return this year, stabilizing his career and heightening his connections with Trump.  In addition, he’ll have his Jupiter return this fall, also activating his major sextile pattern and increasing his exposure.  It’s a good bet that he’ll keep appearing in the role of Donald Trump.

Alec Baldwin was born on April 4, 1958 in Amityville, New York, according to Wikipedia.

Election 2016: Transits

While transits give us much information, it can be challenging to forecast outcomes with them.  But with transits, timing is everything.  Do Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s transits give us insight into the presidential election?

Donald Trump has transiting Jupiter in his 2nd house over 2-1/2 degrees past a sextile to Pluto on Election Day, November 8, 2016.  While nice, it has already passed its peak, and Jupiter transits don’t last that long.  trump-transits

Uranus conjunct his 9th house of wide reception will be only 22’ from a trine to his Moon in the 4th, which is another matter.  Uranus stations in late December and will trine his Moon again on February 6, framing the Election and Inauguration dates.  But while Uranus is really shaking up his Moon with new experiences, the 4th house more particularly relates to his home and family, not a position.

Saturn transits Donald’s 4th house and sextiles Jupiter in late November, a stabilizing aspect.  Once again, though, it’s over 2 degrees away on Election Day – this time a little too late.  Saturn’s more significant aspects, opposite Uranus, conjunct the Moon and opposite the Sun, are in December and January, when the election is past.  Opposition aspects are, to me, more separative than anything else.  He’s entering a new phase of life, but it probably won’t be exactly as he had hoped.

In late January and February 2017, Uranus trines Donald’s Moon, Jupiter trines his Sun and Saturn trines his Mars.  If these were all operating on Election Day, it’d be terrific.  But they’re not.  However some significant opportunities should turn up for Donald Trump by February.

Hillary Clinton has transiting Jupiter in her 11th house, approaching a sextile to Mars in the 9th, peaking just a week after the election.  This is better timing and nice for popularity and getting out the vote.  But a more significant transit is Saturn in her 1st house trine Pluto in the 9th (exact 11/5), a powerhouse combination, especially since these planets are conjunct in her birth chart.  Her hard work should reap larger rewards and her past experiences help her leverage the vote.clinton-transits

Transiting Uranus in the 5th will also approach (by only ¼ degree) a trine to Hillary’s Saturn in the 9th house.  Uranus and the 5th show a gamble that can pay off in a big way, and it’s certainly a lucky transit as well as one of release.  I do feel that Hillary’s transits are stronger on Election Day and that she’ll be the winner, especially in light of all of the other astrological techniques pointing in the same direction.

When transiting Jupiter conjoined Donald Trump’s natal Neptune in the 2nd, his “boys’ talk” video was revealed.  Jupiter to Neptune can expand publicity, but there’s no telling how.  Since Hillary and Donald are close to the same age, she also has Jupiter conjoining her Neptune – exact on November 1st – a week before Election Day.  This seems to correlate with the FBI’s revisiting the e-mail issue.  But it’s also at the same time that Hillary continues her popularity and gains help from key Democrats.  In her 11th house of the “Good Daemon,” Jupiter should work in her favor.

Election 2016 – Progressions

Progressions are a significant part of astrological forecasting.  For the Presidential election, I’ll look at the closest progressed aspects within a degree of natal planets and points on Election Day.  Do they suggest victory or a new position?  What is their nature and strength?

As we saw in the Solar Arc Directions, Donald Trump’s progressed Sun conjoins his Ascendant, which is powerful testimony to his ability to promote himself.  The Sun is also quintile Uranus in his 10th house of status.  This is his most important aspect suggesting success or a new direction for his career.  However it’s 21’ past exact.  While aspects theoretically should be exact for significant life events, we all know that reality is more flexible.  trump-progressions

Trump’s progressed Ascendant in Libra is in his 3rd house, very close to sextiling his natal Mars conjunct his 1st.  This reiterates the themes of self-development, self-promotion and communications, especially as Mars rules his 9th house.

Perhaps one of Donald’s strongest progressions is his Moon in its own sign of Cancer, just under a degree of conjoining natal Saturn in his 11th house (exact on 12/2/16).  This combination certainly suggests a leadership position and responsiveness from the public, especially since his Saturn rules his 6th and 7th houses.  But Saturn is in its detriment in Cancer.  I’m therefore not sure if it suggests a win.  The Moon, however, also sextiles the Midheaven on 12/16, though it’s about a degree and a half from exact on Election Day.

Progressed Mars in Libra in his 2nd house squares Mercury in his 11th.  Trump has been focused on talking about his values, with a lot of verbal sparring.  This combination also shows his engagement with the community (11th).  Once again, though, it’s past exactitude – by about 19’ (it was exact in May of 2016).

Progressed Jupiter square Saturn is a much closer aspect, (8’ past), but since Jupiter is a slower-moving planet it’s progressions are extremely slow.  Trump’s Jupiter in transit moved about 10’ a day, so the progression was closer to exact about a year ago.  More importantly, however, this progression accentuates his natal Jupiter square Saturn and is also activated by the progressed Moon.

Donald Trump’s progressed MC conjoins his 12th house cusp with no aspects.  He is tending toward behind-the-scenes situations, as political positions do, but with no engagement with the rest of his chart, it’s symbolism isn’t more specific.

Trump has a number of close progressions, though some of the most significant are either not especially close or are past exactitude.  Self-development is reiterated, but I don’t know if this suggests success.  The progressed Moon is one of the most important, but gives a somewhat mixed message as it conjoins Saturn.

(I’ve been very exacting with the progressed degrees.  But note that the fastest progressions – the Ascendant and Midheaven in particular, and also the Moon – may not be exact due to inexact birth times or calculation issues. )

I’ll look at Hillary Clinton’s progressions next time so we can see whose are more significant.

Trump and Uranus

With transiting Jupiter continuing through his 1st house, Donald Trump enjoys unrestrained self-expression and is getting more media coverage than ever. But Jupiter in Virgo squares his natal Uranus this week, which may both broaden his appeal but also invite controversy. He’s already being criticized by the Republican establishment, who see his lack of political experience and outspoken manner as a danger to winning the presidential election this fall.

Uranus can behave like a wild card – it may be unpredictable and disruptive. The noise from Jupiter’s short-term square to Uranus will blow over. The more significant influence of transiting Uranus then trines Trump’s Moon in April and sextiles his Sun from the 9th house in May, aiding his efforts and perhaps also bringing some surprises.

Uranus will go on to square Trump’s Saturn and oppose his Jupiter in June, which represents unexpected developments and a possible upset. This aspect repeats in July as he heads toward the convention. It’s not hard to predict that Trump is sure to stay in the news.
Donald Trump

I won’t yet hazard a guess as to the outcome of the election in November as I’m following my own rule and waiting for the official slate of candidates.

Forecasting Political Elections
Candidate Trump

Candidate Trump’s Horoscope

Donald Trump is at the top of polls among more than a dozen Republican presidential candidates for 2016, despite his divisive comments about illegal immigrants, Senator John McCain’s war record and other issues. With Mars rising in Leo in sextile to his Sun in the 10th house, his arrogance and aggressiveness have gotten him ahead; people also appear to be attracted to his candor.

Jupiter in Leo conjoins Trump’s Mars toward the end of July and conjoins his Ascendant in early August, keeping him center stage and giving him ample opportunity to create drama and attract attention.

Trump also has Mercury in Cancer in his horoscope, closely squaring his Neptune. This makes for someone who thinks emotionally and may misunderstand things. His rhetoric has made him popular on reality TV and his gut instincts have earns him billions. Yet as several of his sponsors have now agreed, his judgment is flawed. But Neptune is a transcendental planet, and its aspects can create a resonance with the mass mind. Transiting Neptune through Trump’s 7th house exactly trines his Mercury in August, so he should continue to be heard by a wide audience.

Donald Trump’s natal Jupiter conjoins his 3rd house cusp and trines his Sun and Uranus, giving him an ease of expression and easy success. But Saturn in his 11th house also squares his Jupiter, limiting the extent to which people will ultimately choose to listen. Saturn traditionally rules his Aquarius 7th house, and Jupiter is the co-ruler since the sign of Pisces makes up most of his 7th. So both 7th house rulers square one another. We have seen this dynamic play out in his personal relationships (he’s been married three times and divorced twice).

But the 7th house also rules public opinion. As transiting Saturn stations in square to Trump’s Ascendant from late July to early August, he will need to adjust his message to the realities of the situation. Saturn will exactly square his Ascendant and 7th house cusp in September, focusing his energies but also limiting his success with spontaneous one-liners. He will have to learn to temper his speech if he wants to stick to his presidential goals.

Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946 at 10:54 AM in Jamaica, Queens, according to his Birth Certificate and rated AA Astrodatabank.