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Saturn and NYC Transit

New York City’s Penn Station experienced two train derailments in less than two weeks – a New Jersey Transit slow-speed derailment on April 3 and an Amtrak partial derailment on 3/24/17. In addition, there was a Long Island Railroad service train derailment on 2/8, and a LIRR morning commuter train crashed into Atlantic Terminal on 1/4. What’s going on?

The horoscope for Greater New York has Venus conjunct Mars in Sagittarius in its 3rd house of transportation, which trines the Moon in the 7th in Aries. These planets in fire signs show the importance of transit to New York and the many different railroad, bus and subway systems that speed through the City each day.Penn Station delays

But with Saturn in Sagittarius stationing near both Venus and Mars this month, transit has been snarled. Saturn takes its time, and may create delays. As it stationed, Saturn remained less than a degree and a half from conjoining Mars. This is one of those aspects that tends to have a definitive effect. It can cause damages, equipment failure and human error. On the plus side, new ferry service from Queens and Brooklyn to Manhattan begins this spring.

New York experienced its Saturn return, also in the 3rd house, in late 2015. The new Hudson River tunnel plan and Penn Station train hall on Eighth Avenue both appear to be stalled. This is the nature of Saturn, which can bring growing pains. When the 3rd house aspects are finished late this year, hopefully plans will be adjusted or solidified. Governors Cuomo and Christie have asked for a review of Penn Station’s infrastructure.

In the meantime, on Good Friday, 4/15, over a thousand New Jersey Transit commuters were trapped in an overheated train for several hours due to a power problem, and frightened crowds surged as a police Taser went off in Penn Station (Mercury retrograde aggravating the situation). Saturn backs away from NYC’s Venus and Mars in April, but will return to complete the aspects in December of 2017. Be cautious. And as the MTA often advises, allow additional travel time.

Greater New York was created on January 1, 1898 at 12:01 AM, New York, NY.

Big T-square Time

My life has felt chaotic lately and people around me seem to be having the same experience. The wild and woolly T-square of Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto certainly has something to do with it, and Mars in Aries will activate the pattern (while conjoining Uranus) from mid-February through the 1st week of March. Jupiter opposes Uranus exactly at the same time and goes on to square Pluto in early April. Eclipses on February 10 and 26 only heighten the charged astrological atmosphere. Mars, Jupiter and Uranus are also close in declination, further accentuating their connection.Storm

The last gasp of the long-term Uranus-Pluto square has been bumped up a few notches with the addition of Jupiter and Mars. This creates an unsettled feeling, leading to fast-moving events, sudden developments that are then drawn out, people over-reacting, or the necessity to think and act quickly.

Only thing is, while Pluto trined my Moon last month, the rest of these planets aren’t particularly close to hitting anything in my chart. It doesn’t matter. With so many planets involved, this T-square is out there and we’ll all experience it one way or another: directly, through those close to us, or through events in the environment that touch our lives. Those whose horoscopes are more closely hit by these planets will experience much more dynamic change in their lives.

Tough Guys and Mars

Men typically die five years sooner than women, on average, and physical differences can’t explain it. Researchers at Rutgers University found that men who saw themselves as tough, brave and self-reliant – typical characteristics of Mars – tended to choose male doctors and shared fewer symptoms with them.

The higher they scored on a “masculinity scale,” the greater their Martian attributes. This increased their tendency to ignore medical problems and to delay addressing them. They also avoided showing weakness to other men, which caused them to down-play their symptoms with male doctors. Women with strong Martian characteristics had similar outcomes as well, though it’s worse for men (perhaps because they are all Mars).

Astrologically, Venusians are sensitive, crave comfort and seek balance. Martian types are more headstrong, rash, and willing to take risks. And unfortunately, these characteristics don’t help them in the longevity department.

Read more about the Rutgers study here.

Taylor Swift, Venus and Mars

We’ve all experienced heartache. What gives Taylor Swift her gift of sharing her experiences and getting such a tremendous audience response? Her Sun in Sagittarius in the 5th house makes her a troubadour as well as a philosopher about love. And her Mercury conjunct Saturn in Capricorn allows her to take a step back and reframe her past. But I think the most important element in her horoscope is Venus sextile Mars, which makes her a natural expert on love and sex, affection and heartbreak.

On November 22, 2015, Swift won three American Music Awards, including Song of the Year for “Blank Space,” which she co-wrote. This song, about the highs and lows of a new relationship, perfectly expresses the energies of her Venus in Aquarius in an out-of-sign sextile to Mars in Scorpio.

Taylor Swift Horoscope

Taylor begins by telling her new guy that she can show him “incredible things – magic, madness, heaven, sin.” The incredible, magic and heaven relate to Venus in otherworldly Aquarius, while madness and sin reflect passionate and gritty Mars in Scorpio.

With “Look at that face” and “I can read you like a magazine,” she considers his Venusian appearance and personality, and offers, “let’s be friends,” since Aquarius is the sign of friendship. Yet she knows that he could be her “next mistake.” Still, her Mars in Scorpio has piqued her curiosity and she’s “dying to see how this one ends.”

In the refrain, Taylor repeatedly contrasts her Venus and Mars. Will the relationship be “forever” (Venus in fixed sign Aquarius) or “go down in flames”? (Mars in Scorpio, a sign that must see actions to their possibly painful conclusions.) She wonders if the “high” (Venus) will be worth the inevitable “pain” (Mars). She admits her ex-lovers (Scorpio) might say she’s “insane” (Aquarius) but that she loves “the players” (Venus sextile Mars). She knows they’re both “young” and “reckless” (Venus sextile Mars) and could take things “way too far” (Mars in Scorpio) with the possibility of being left “breathless” (Venus in air sign Aquarius) or with a “nasty scar” (Mars in recuperative Scorpio).

Many other images in the song reiterate the contrasting Venus-Mars themes: “Rose gardens filled with thorns,” “a nightmare dressed like a daydream,” and her feeling that “boys only want love if it’s torture.”

In the end, though, Swift understands her Venus-Mars contradictions, and is willing to try again. “I’ve got a blank space, baby, and I’ll write your name” nicely sums up her Venusian need for relationships as well as her ability to take another Martian chance.