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Election 2016: Afterthoughts

The election is over and most of us astrologers forecast an incorrect outcome.  At least we weren’t alone!  Most in the news thought Hillary had an easier path to the presidency.

While the polls showed a very close race, commentators suggested that Trump’s ability to forge a lead in electoral votes was difficult.  We are all still under a long-standing influence from Saturn square Neptune, with Neptune stationary at the time of the election.  This not only undermines confidence in authority figures, like politicians and police, for example, but it also inhibits our ability to project (Neptune) accurately into the future (Saturn).  And the public appears to have become tired (Neptune) of doing things the same old way (Saturn).

I’m leaving all of my Election posts up so readers can follow my thought processes.  Some things I may have misjudged include the following:

The birth charts themselves:  Trump’s chart promises more possibilities and a better reputation than Hillary’s, who with many squares had to fight harder for her successes in life.  And of course we’re not certain of Hillary’s birth time, which could change many things.  (We also lacked birth times for Mike Pence and Melania.)

Trump’s progressed Moon Out-of-Bounds:  This is a powerful progression, but I limited its interpretation in Trump’s chart in response to Hillary’s inability to gain the presidential nomination in 2008, when she had her own Moon beginning to progress OOB.

The transit of Uranus in Trump’s 9th house exactly trining his Moon less than two weeks after the election should have been emphasized over Saturn – it characterized what many called a stunning victory.  I also may have over-emphasized the negativity of Saturn’s oppositions in December and January.  There is always the question of whether taking on a major position is the result of a flowing or challenging aspect from Saturn, making the outcome difficult to call.  But the next few months will no doubt be tough on Trump.

I’m curious to see what becomes of Tim Kaine.  With his Saturn return in 2017 and Pluto transiting his 10th house Mars in Capricorn, it seemed obvious to me that he would take a big step forward in his career.  The Pluto aspect is exact for the final time in December.  Something about this election has fundamentally changed things for him and they will continue to develop next year.

I may not have followed my own advice to avoid bias and the influence of the polls as much as I should have.  Over the weeks I studied the charts, the evidence seemed to be piling up for Hillary.  But Bill Clinton’s transit Saturn chasing his progressed Moon didn’t promise a big victory.  I thought this reflected a back-seat role in the White House.  But once again we return to the question of whether Saturn brings responsibilities or a lack of opportunity.

I misinterpreted the past Saturn cycle for both of the Clinton’s – when Saturn was in the same place Bill was Governor of Arkansas and declined to run again.  While Hillary had independent appointments at that time, the decision limited both of their movement forward toward their ultimate goals – which parallels 2016.

The delineation of progressions was challenging.  For example, Trump’s progressed Ascendant conjoined the US progressed Midheaven, but it was nearly 2 degrees past.  The US progressed MC also conjoined Trump’s progressed Jupiter, but it, too, was moving away.  And I felt Hillary’s progressed MC trining US progressed Jupiter more significant.  While the outcome may support my use of a Gemini rising chart for the US, we can never rely on public birth times to be exact.

Hillary Clinton had a new Solar Return two weeks before the election, and I overlooked it – considering her Solar for the campaign year instead.  The correct Solar Return is not great. hillary-solar-return-10-26-16

In writing posts every week or so, I also addressed the charts of the candidates in more of a linear fashion than I usually do, which perhaps also detracted from my judgment.

In the final analysis, we need to remember that astrology is not an exact science.  I feel that after forecasting six presidential elections correctly (two for Clinton, two for Bush, two for Obama), I may have become overconfident.  Still, 6 out of 7 correct is pretty good – over 85%  –  and many astrologers have the same record of accuracy.

Election 2016: Final Thoughts

The Presidential Election is upon us and most astrologers agree that Hillary Clinton will win.  I’ve presented a number of astrological techniques that support the same outcome, but there are many ways to look at the election astrologically.

I considered the Moon’s progressed declination, but not the other planets, which are slow-moving and can be very powerful.  I haven’t looked at eclipses, which are basic to astrological forecasting.  Consideration of candidates’ announcements, ingress, polls opening and inauguration and charts are also often used.  And I’ve seen terrific use of the asteroids as well.

The campaign was strongly colored by the Saturn-Neptune square, which was exact for the final time in September of 2016.  Both of the candidates are flawed (Neptune) authority figures (Saturn), with many voters unable to fully commit to either.  Some of the obvious Saturn-Neptune ideas discussed include a literal “wall” to block Neptunian illegal immigrants, and carelessness (Neptune) with classified (Saturn) e-mails.

Hillary Clinton’s horoscope is heavily Scorpio and fixed signs, while Donald Trump’s is strongly Gemini and more mutable – the two couldn’t be more different astrologically.  What they have in common is Saturn, the planet of authority and position, in signs of its detriment (opposite its ruling signs).  Donald has Saturn in Cancer and a background in real estate and property management.  Hillary, with Saturn in Leo, is more of a career public figure.  They also both share Mars and Pluto in Leo – showing why Donald might admire her energy and stick-to-it-iveness and she his children, both Leo-ruled.  While hugely successful, the two have struggled for the ultimate high-status position, excellent examples of how planets in their debility can push people to achieve.  But it’s also taken time and effort for both to get where they are today.  (Barack Obama, for example, with Saturn in Capricorn, came to office with relative ease and at a much younger age.)

The two candidates also share an emphasis on the nodes.  Trump was born on the day of a total lunar eclipse (with the Sun conjoining the North Node and the Moon opposite); Clinton has the South Node rising.  These placements may account for some of the drama in this campaign.  Bill Meridian quotes Charles Jayne as writing that, “The birth of rulers near eclipses indicates either the start or end of a dynastic line and often a state.”  Thankfully, we don’t need to worry about that, given the fact that Donald Trump is unlikely to win.

I was curious about presidential eclipses and checked out Frances McEvoy’s comprehensive “A Roll Call of Presidents” in the NCGR Geocosmic Magazine from the fall of 1996.  There has never been a U.S. President born on an eclipse.  A contemporary politician similar to Trump astrologically is Newt Gingrich, who was also born with the Sun in Gemini opposite the Moon in Sagittarius, perhaps one reason why Gingrich recently defended Trump in a live interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly!  (Kelly, funnily enough, has the Sun and Venus in Scorpio like Hillary.)

Scorpio is a common sign in the White House, and there have been five other Scorpio presidents (John Adams, James Polk, James Garfield, Theodore Roosevelt and Warren Harding).  There have only been two previous Gemini presidents, John F. Kennedy and George H.W. Bush, though both were elected in the late 20th century and the Scorpio presidents served earlier.

Election 2016: Spouses II

Last time I analyzed Melania Trump’s chances of becoming First Lady in November and January.  Let’s see what Bill Clinton’s astrological situation is.  We have a consistent birth time for Clinton that was used by astrologers throughout his presidential term.

His progressed Sun in Scorpio is only a little over a degree from trining his Midheaven, lighting up his career sector.  His progressed Venus in Sagittarius is less than half a degree past trining natal Saturn in the 10th, reiterating the themes of status and position.  It’s also is less than a degree from conjoining his progressed Ascendant, echoing his natal characteristics (with Venus in Libra in the first) and showcasing his genial personality and the importance of relationships in his life.  The progressed Ascendant approaches a sextile to the natal Ascendant.  bill-clinton-forecast

Bill’s progressed Moon is also in Sagittarius and close to conjoining his South Node on Election Day.  It will also quincunx his natal Moon and oppose natal Uranus in early 2017.  These aspects are not great, but they do seem to suggest a change.  And for a Leo who’s been president, the Moon conjoining the South Node appears appropriate for taking a back seat and emphasizing altruism and supportive activities.

With transiting Saturn at the same place in 1987, Clinton, as Governor of Arkansas and Chair of the National Governor’s Association, announced that he would not be running for president that year.  Saturn was (and is) moving downwards in his chart, what Grant Lewi called an “obscure period,” that once again I believe would be in keeping with a secondary role at the White House.

Most significant, however, is the fact that Bill Clinton is in the midst of his progressed Moon conjoining transiting Saturn – known as “Saturn chasing the Moon.”  Because the progressed Moon and transit cycles of Saturn are so close, the conjunction began for him around 2009 and will last  through at least 2019.  This can represent an extended period of hard work, obligations, few rewards, frustration and even hardship and depressed feelings.  For Bill, it’s coincided with milestones involving the women in his life – Hillary’s appointment as Secretary of State and her bid for the White House, and Chelsea’s marriage and the birth of her kids.  Yet it also included the attacks on the Benghazi Consulate, and Hillary’s concussion.  His own significant life events during this time have been work with the Clinton Foundation; an appointment as UN Special Envoy to Haiti and criticism of his role; a heart incident, stent surgery and switching to a vegan diet; publication of a book on the economy called Back to Work; receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama and public reminders of his past infidelities.

This pattern is difficult to evaluate as it’s inconsistent in length but often lasts a long time.  I suspect it’s easier to address at a mature age, when we have more experience of life, though Bill Clinton has obviously not enjoyed the same prominence during this cycle as in his years as Governor and President.  But his natal Moon, exalted in Taurus, and Saturn in his 10th house, are both very strong, which are a plus.  Though the reality of returning to the White House as the spouse of the president will probably be quite different than he once imagined.

Transiting Saturn will sextile Bill’s Jupiter in January and trine his Sun in February, perhaps easing up some of the negatives.  It’s interesting that Tim Kaine has a significant Saturn cycle as well.  These are all in keeping with taking on responsibilities.  I do once again feel that Bill Clinton’s forecast is more in keeping with beginning a new position than Melania’s.

Election 2016 – Solar Returns

The Presidential election this fall is a major contest and the outcome can be determined astrologically.  To do it, we need to consider a wide variety of techniques.  In this post I’ll look at the Solar Returns for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The contest has changed recently, since Trump has a new Solar Return that began on his birthday in June.  Trump was in NYC for a campaign rally on June 13, 2016 (the exact time of the return may fall on the day before the calendar birth date), and I’ll assume he was also in NY that morning, when his Sun returned to its natal place.  At this writing, many reporters suggest that he’s become more controversial in recent months.

Trump has won support by being a political outsider, but as the Republican presidential candidate, he has alienated party leaders.  A Latino judge who Trump criticized recently ruled that the fraud suit against Trump University would go to trial.  These events show issues with authority figures, and Trump has Uranus conjunct the Midheaven this year.  It forms a stressful yod with the Sun conjunct Venus in the 11th house and Mars in Scorpio in the 4th, a combative pattern.Trump Solar 2016

The T-square of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune is very close in Trump’s Solar Return, indicating his controversies involving minorities and immigrants (afflicted Jupiter).

Hillary Clinton is closer to the end of her Solar Return year, which also fell a day before her birthday, when she attended a private event in NYC.  Questions of Clinton’s trustworthiness continue to dog her, her e-mail scandal seems to have a life of its own, and she has flip-flopped on a number of issues.  Her Solar features Neptune conjunct the Midheaven, showing a questionable reputation.  While Neptune squares Saturn in the Return, it also has some excellent aspects, forming a grand trine with the Cancer Ascendant and the Sun in Scorpio in the 5th house.  Neptune also sextiles Pluto in her 7th, which might ease the public’s skepticism of her somewhat.Clinton Solar 2015

Hillary’s 10th house of status and position ends up being more favorable than Donald’s.

The Ascendant is a significant point as well, representing the candidate.  Trump has the Moon in the 3rd closely sextiling his Solar Ascendant in Leo (the same sign rising in his birth chart).  Hillary also has favorable quintile aspects between the Ascendant and the benefics Venus and Jupiter in her 4th house, in addition to the grand trine involving her Solar Ascendant.  While the Ascendant is also inconjunct Saturn, highlighting her emotional reserve and keeping many from warming up to her, the flowing aspects add more weight.  Hillary’s Ascendant also ends up being more favorable than Trump’s.

Angularity adds power to planets and both candidates have angular planets in their Solar Returns:  Trump has Uranus conjoining the Midheaven and Mars in the 4th house; Clinton has Venus, Mars and Jupiter conjunct in her Solar 4th house, Neptune on the Midheaven and Pluto in the 7th.  Hillary’s Solar Return is more powerful with more angular planets.

I always like to consider essential dignity as well.  In his Return, Trump has Mercury in Gemini and Mars in Scorpio, strong in their ruling signs, but Mercury opposes Mars and Mars is also the focal point of the yod.  While Clinton has Venus in its fall in Virgo, it forms a mutual reception with Mercury in Libra (each other’s ruling signs), and disposes of the rest of the planets.  Mercury, though, is part of a T-square with the Moon, Uranus and Pluto.  Neither candidate appears much stronger through essential dignity.

But Hillary Clinton’s Solar Return ends up being more favorable overall, with a better aspected Midheaven and Ascendant and more angular planets.  There’s much more we could say about the Solar Returns, and this is only one part of the analysis we need to do to forecast the outcome of the election.

Note:  I use relocated SR charts in the Tropical zodiac and do not correct for precession.

Bernie Sanders and Saturn

Bernie Sanders is on his second run for President. The Brooklyn Public Library discovered high school newspapers documenting his bid for president of his student government organization in 1958. That’s 58 years ago and two Saturn cycles, making Sanders’ activities a fascinating example of Saturn’s repeating transits through the natal chart.

Saturn’s influence often relates to our goals and plans for the future. Change usually accompanies its aspects, as we make adjustments to our situation, let go of obligations and take on new responsibilities. We can characterize Saturn’s transit through the various houses and its aspects to natal planets. As we get older, we may look back on previous Saturn transits to get a general idea of what to expect when these aspects repeat. Although we’re usually not experiencing the same thing, sometimes very similar issues come up. For example, Billy Joel’s second daughter was born in 2015, 30 years after her sister’s birth.

Evangeline Adams appeared to consider Saturn’s influence in considering the outcomes of political elections, since Saturn also relates to career and status.

Transiting Saturn was in late Sagittarius when Bernie Sanders was nominated for Student President in December of 1958. By March of 1959, with Saturn in early Capricorn, he had lost the election, yet continued his philanthropic activities at his school in Midwood, Brooklyn.

Sanders was Mayor of Burlington, Vermont when Saturn was again in late Sagittarius to early Capricorn in 1988. He first ran for Congress that year, but once again lost under the same influence of Saturn. (He won the Congressional seat a few years later.)

Sanders’ campaign for U.S. president began in May of 2015 with Saturn in early Sagittarius. He laid off staffers in April of 2016 as Saturn stationed in square to his Virgo Sun. Yet he’s continued his efforts with great success. Saturn will not be far from squaring his Sun at the Democratic convention in July, and will exactly square his Sun again for the election in November 2016, closely timing expected events and suggesting some important developments.

Saturn does not seem to be helpful for Sanders’ election to the Presidency in November, but we should never base forecasts on one astrological element alone.

He won’t see the late Sagittarius transits that exactly coincide with his two previous election bids until 2017. If he follows the same pattern, he’ll continue with his work no matter what the election results are. Yet both Saturn and his increased national profile suggest that he’s entering a new phase.

Bernie Sanders was born on September 8, 1941 in Brooklyn, New York.