Pluto trine Pluto

Pluto trine Pluto represents a major astrological cycle occurring around age 50-53 for the present generation.  Pluto in Capricorn is currently trining Pluto in the birth charts of those born with Pluto in Virgo, both earth signs.  This is a flowing aspect and may be subtle since it’s slow moving and can last for over a year.  It represents a transition in the Capricorn themes of responsibility and authority and the Virgo themes of wellness and purposefulness.

Pluto can help us draw on all of our resources, both those within and outside of ourselves, for health and well-being.  Our will power is more effective without being overbearing.  It feels natural to be more assertive and resist those who’d try to control or influence us. Pluto helps empower us to look out for our own best interests and stand up for our rights.  This gradual transition makes it easier to move onto the next phase of our lives and capitalize on current trends.  We instinctively become better able to prioritize, reorganize and restructure things.  We gain in maturity and a sense of authority as some of the past falls away.

Research can help us make effective decisions about career, finances, healthcare and estate planning.  We can take advantage of opportunities, overcome the obstacles of the past and gain insight into the future. 

This is a phase in which we may also have the ability to address health concerns in a more purposeful way, managing our bodies with a better diet, exercise, medical treatments or even surgery.  Scans and tests can expose additional information. 

Pluto is the muckraker of the planets, and while the trine is generally a positive flowing aspect, Pluto will nevertheless dredge out what’s hidden and may reveal the unpleasant.  It could intensify an issue as it clears things out.  Office politics can become disruptive before a move, surgery will make you feel worse before you get better, and you’ll have major expenses in buying a home, for example.

We may also realize when it’s time to move on from an unfulfilling situation and reinvent ourselves.  In the end, though, we should be able to better connect with our life purpose and move meaningfully ahead.