Election 2016: Spouses II

Last time I analyzed Melania Trump’s chances of becoming First Lady in November and January.  Let’s see what Bill Clinton’s astrological situation is.  We have a consistent birth time for Clinton that was used by astrologers throughout his presidential term.

His progressed Sun in Scorpio is only a little over a degree from trining his Midheaven, lighting up his career sector.  His progressed Venus in Sagittarius is less than half a degree past trining natal Saturn in the 10th, reiterating the themes of status and position.  It’s also is less than a degree from conjoining his progressed Ascendant, echoing his natal characteristics (with Venus in Libra in the first) and showcasing his genial personality and the importance of relationships in his life.  The progressed Ascendant approaches a sextile to the natal Ascendant.  bill-clinton-forecast

Bill’s progressed Moon is also in Sagittarius and close to conjoining his South Node on Election Day.  It will also quincunx his natal Moon and oppose natal Uranus in early 2017.  These aspects are not great, but they do seem to suggest a change.  And for a Leo who’s been president, the Moon conjoining the South Node appears appropriate for taking a back seat and emphasizing altruism and supportive activities.

With transiting Saturn at the same place in 1987, Clinton, as Governor of Arkansas and Chair of the National Governor’s Association, announced that he would not be running for president that year.  Saturn was (and is) moving downwards in his chart, what Grant Lewi called an “obscure period,” that once again I believe would be in keeping with a secondary role at the White House.

Most significant, however, is the fact that Bill Clinton is in the midst of his progressed Moon conjoining transiting Saturn – known as “Saturn chasing the Moon.”  Because the progressed Moon and transit cycles of Saturn are so close, the conjunction began for him around 2009 and will last  through at least 2019.  This can represent an extended period of hard work, obligations, few rewards, frustration and even hardship and depressed feelings.  For Bill, it’s coincided with milestones involving the women in his life – Hillary’s appointment as Secretary of State and her bid for the White House, and Chelsea’s marriage and the birth of her kids.  Yet it also included the attacks on the Benghazi Consulate, and Hillary’s concussion.  His own significant life events during this time have been work with the Clinton Foundation; an appointment as UN Special Envoy to Haiti and criticism of his role; a heart incident, stent surgery and switching to a vegan diet; publication of a book on the economy called Back to Work; receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Obama and public reminders of his past infidelities.

This pattern is difficult to evaluate as it’s inconsistent in length but often lasts a long time.  I suspect it’s easier to address at a mature age, when we have more experience of life, though Bill Clinton has obviously not enjoyed the same prominence during this cycle as in his years as Governor and President.  But his natal Moon, exalted in Taurus, and Saturn in his 10th house, are both very strong, which are a plus.  Though the reality of returning to the White House as the spouse of the president will probably be quite different than he once imagined.

Transiting Saturn will sextile Bill’s Jupiter in January and trine his Sun in February, perhaps easing up some of the negatives.  It’s interesting that Tim Kaine has a significant Saturn cycle as well.  These are all in keeping with taking on responsibilities.  I do once again feel that Bill Clinton’s forecast is more in keeping with beginning a new position than Melania’s.