The Precious Pachyderm

The Precious Pachyderm

“A thoroughly enjoyable mystery. A Red Ribbon winner and highly recommended.” — The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

“The author does a superb job of painting the mood of the time… The Precious Pachyderm is a strong contribution to a growing library of New Age Noir fiction.  It’s a fun read, too.” — Armand Diaz, Astrology News Service

“…engaging, well plotted and paced, with dialogue that sounds true to the time… an essentially light-hearted and entertaining caper… This reviewer hopes that The Precious Pachyderm is but the first of a new series that will continue to use Evangeline Adams as a pivotal figure in criminal investigations.” — Scott Silverman, NCGR Geocosmic Journal

“… a fast-paced and often funny mystery, written by one of the foremost chroniclers of Evangeline Adams’ life…I enjoyed it thoroughly!” — Donna Van Toen, ISAR International Astrologer

“…an up-front and close look at 1926 Manhattan as illuminated by Evangeline Adams… loaded with snappy dialogue, eccentric characters…” — Chris Lorenz, Dell Horoscope

“Move over, Miss Marple!  There’s a new detective in the neighborhood and… our intrepid astrologer digs in and saves the day.  Grab a copy and settle in for a good read.” — Ken Irving, Horoscope Guide

“Christino’s portrayal of life and events in New York in the 1920s adds to the book’s overall charm… a slice of astrological Americana”  — Michael Munkasey, NCGR memberletter

Manhattan, 1926. A wealthy businessman found dead. A priceless elephant figurine from an extravagant Indian prince gone missing. And famous astrologer Evangeline Adams is a primary suspect. To save their jobs, Adams’ assistants Mary Adler and Clara Cosentino investigate the astrologer’s classy clients, oddball employees and offbeat associates to help discover who really committed the crime. And Evangeline solves her first case with the help of astrology in this funny, fast-paced whodunit.
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