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The Precious Pachyderm by Karen Christino

The Precious Pachyderm

by Karen Christino

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My New Evangeline Adams Novel!

I’m thrilled to announce the publication of The Precious Pachyderm, my new mystery novel featuring Evangeline Adams. Scroll down for more. You can also read my article about how I got the idea for this book.

The Precious Pachyderm

Manhattan, 1926. A wealthy businessman found dead. A priceless elephant figurine from an extravagant Indian prince gone missing. And famous astrologer Evangeline Adams is a primary suspect. To save their jobs, Adams’ assistants Mary Adler and Clara Cosentino investigate the astrologer’s classy clients, oddball employees and offbeat associates to help discover who really committed the crime. And Evangeline solves her first case with the help of astrology in this funny, fast-paced whodunit.
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When Was Hillary Born?

Now that Hillary Clinton is the de facto Democratic nominee, we have a problem: when was she born? We can’t make a good forecast for the outcome of the presidential election without it.

Several different times of birth have been published for Hillary, including rectified times. Lois Rodden based her rating system on documentary evidence, never astrological opinion. Yet in this case, there is no published birth certificate and most reports are hearsay. The times with more definitive sources are shortly after 8:00 AM or 8:00 PM.

The two horoscopes are quite different. The 8 PM chart has Uranus in Gemini conjunct the Ascendant and the Moon at 29 Pisces in the 10th house. This is the only angularity. Uranus on the Ascendant squaring the Moon, both in mutable signs, shows a lack of focus. The energy could potentially be brilliant, but it’s also quite restless and even manic. The Moon in the 10th is also an indicator of movement: the career is changeable. Neither of these indicators point toward a woman who appears centered in the most challenging of circumstances. I also find it hard to believe that Clinton, who has consistently enjoyed high-profile positions, has a mutable, Void of Course Moon in her 10th house of status.Hillary - PM time

I find the 8:02 AM time to be a much better fit. The Sun in the behind-the-scenes 12th house is a placement shared by other high-level politicians (George W. Bush, Senator John Edwards, Jimmy Carter, U.S. Grant and Abe Lincoln). Scorpio rises, with Venus and Mercury in Scorpio conjoining the first house cusp, and Jupiter is also placed in the first in its ruling sign of Sagittarius, a powerful combination for a strong speaker and personality. We see her as both guarded and controlled (Scorpio) yet energetic (Jupiter and Sagittarius).

Taurus on her 7th house points toward her husband. The ruler, Venus, is conjunct the Ascendant from the 12th and placed in its detriment in Scorpio – a nice description of their complicated relationship. But with her fixed signs, the partnership has endured.Hillary - AM time

A triple conjunction of Mars, Saturn and Pluto falls in Hillary’s 9th house in the 8:02 AM chart, variously squaring her first house planets. This accounts for the strong negative gut reactions many people have toward her. There’s more going on than we know. The focus on the 9th exemplifies her experience as a lawyer, representative and diplomat, and higher office in general. It’s also a good indicator of the legal problems that continue to plague her.

I will use the 8:02 AM birth time for Hillary in the future. But we can never be completely sure until she shares her birth certificate with us (and of course even then there may be errors).

Hillary Clinton was born on October 26, 1947 in Chicago, Illinois