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Barbara Walters and Saturn

TV journalist Barbara Walters is probably one of the best known women in her field. With the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Ascendant in Libra, she became known not only for presenting the news, but also for her relationships with the great, near-great, famous and infamous people she interviewed. Typically Libra, she projected a cool and classy image that attracted others to her.

On May 16, 2014, Barbara appeared for the final time on her show The View, where she’d had success since 1997. Born on September 29, 1929 at 6:50 AM in Boston, Massachusetts, Walters turned 84 towards the end of 2013 and experienced her Uranus return from 2013 to early 2014, a transit that typically occurs in the 84th year. This transit is a major one for those who live to experience it. For Barbara, with natal Uranus in the 6th house, the return marks the end of a major part of her working life in the Uranian field of television broadcasting.

But it is Saturn, who so reliably marks periods of life change, that pinpoints the timing of Walters’ career transition. Transiting her second house of income and exactly trining her Pluto conjunct the 10th house of status and reputation at her last appearance, Saturn has allowed her to gracefully sign off from a fabulous career.

Uranus square Pluto and New York City

The dynamic duo of Uranus square Pluto leaps forward, zapping the New York City horoscope and initiating a new episode in the City’s history throughout 2013 to early 2014.  It suggests a time of great transition that opens a new phase of experience, associated with sudden and unusual events and large scale changes in circumstances.  It favors reclaiming what works, as well as experimenting with new ideas.

Evangeline Adams described Uranus as bringing about epoch-making conditions, temporary uncertainty, and feelings of an unsettled or hectic time.  She added that, “Fate may seem to shuffle your cards,” and that we should “guard against fantastic schemes and unscrupulous promoters.”

Pluto unflinchingly breaks down the old and worn-out while recycling the best.  While this transit can empower the City and transform its identity, there could also be power struggles and conflicts with authority.  The bureaucracy may struggle for control before it’s restructured and overthrown by something more efficient. 

Hurricane Sandy seems to have been one of the events that kicked off the transit just a few months before the exact “hits,” demanding Pluto’s restoration and Uranus’ innovation.  Some 2013 events that reflect Uranus square Pluto include:

 Expansion of recycling to include most plastics;

Completion of the Freedom Tower;

Micro apartments certified and moving forward;

Thousands of new wheelchair-accessible cabs and green cabs in outer boroughs.

Citibikes program started with approximately 5,000 bikes;

#7 subway extension and Second Avenue line under construction toward 2014 and 2016 openings;

Repair and rehabilitation of the Brooklyn Bridge from 2011 to 2014;

Movement of business away from banks and toward technology.

The Sun relates to leadership and after 12 years with Michael Bloomberg, the City will have a new mayor in January of 2014.  (The City has not had a Democrat as mayor in 20 years.)  I believe that these shifts will be part of some major developments.

New York City is facing a $2 billion+ budget gap.  It has tremendously growing pension and healthcare obligations for its workers.  And contracts with 300,000 in municipal unions have expired in the last 3-4 years and remain to be negotiated.  Pluto will be pushing the new administration to make tough choices. We hope that Uranus will also offer some unique and innovative solutions. 

 For astrologers, Greater New York was created on 1/1/1898 at 12:01 AM.  New York’s Jupiter, Ascendant, Sun and Midheaven form a T-square in the cardinal signs Libra, Capricorn and Cancer, balancing the arts, business and home life.  Transiting Pluto hits this pattern throughout 2013.  Transiting Uranus galvanizes it from early 2013 through early 2014. 

Uranus square Pluto

Uranus square Pluto can define a generation, since both planets move slowly and the aspect lasts a long time, being highlighted particularly from mid-2012 to early 2015.  These two planets stir things up and break down existing conditions.  Their long-term transit is associated with sudden and unusual events and large scale changes in circumstances.   Uranus and Pluto previously combined in the mid-60s, ushering in a notable period of change in society.

 Pluto relates to transformation, recycling and renewal.  It works gradually and can rid us of what’s not working while capitalizing on what is.  Uranus often operates quickly, and may bring surprising developments.  It has the effect of shaking things up and at times may act unexpectedly.  What these two planets have in common is breaking away from the past and making way for the new. 

 Many authors have linked Uranus square Pluto to government and financial upheavals, the use or abuse of power and technology, increased activism, and notable climatic events.  In some places change might be radical or revolutionary, with transformation possible even on a global scale.  We’ve already seem Uranus square Pluto at work in Arab Spring and other rebellions against authority, the leaking of government documents, extreme weather conditions and some city and even state financial crises. 

If this planetary combination is hitting any of your personal planets, you could find some ups and downs.  This is a transitionary period of time.  The unexpected may happen and you might need to adjust.  However Uranus and Pluto both suggest that you continue moving ahead toward the future.