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Z is for Zeus — er, Jupiter!

I was sorry to hear of the passing of mystery writer Sue Grafton, having been a big fan of her books. I always thought of her protagonist, Kinsey, as a Sagittarius, and that Grafton would have that sign in her chart, too. As it turns out, she has both the Moon in Sagittarius as well as Jupiter rising, along with many other placements that are classic indicators of a career as an author.

Grafton also had Sagittarius on the 9th house cusp, helping her reach a wide audience, especially as the ruler, Jupiter, comes to her 1st house, making it one of her most prominent planets. In addition, Mercury in Aries conjoins her Ascendant and also trines her Moon, giving her a fluency with communications. The 1st house planets emphasize self-expression and personal development, and Grafton did this through her writing (Mercury and Jupiter). Both Mercury and Jupiter in the sign of Aries are energetic planets and Grafton, at the age of 77, was looking forward to concluding her mystery series.

Her 1st house is further accentuated by Jupiter’s conjunction with the Sun in Taurus and the Sun’s close conjunction with Saturn. Both the Sun and Saturn trine her Capricorn Midheaven. So the ruler of her 10th, Saturn, also comes right to her (1st house), along with the ruler of her 5th (the Sun). Creative impulses and career come together. While the Aries planets provide much vitality and drive, Taurus and Capricorn offer steadiness and persistence.

Though Jupiter gives luck, a slower timeline in achievement is often indicated by a strong Saturn. According to Wikipedia, Grafton’s father (Sun and Saturn), a detective novelist, was a strong influence, but Sue did not have much success with novels and turned to screenwriting for a number of years before making her mark with her alphabet series of mysteries in her forties.

Venus in Gemini in the 3rd house, conjoining Mars in Gemini, are additional strong indications of a facility with the written word. Venus also trines the North Node in the 7th house and sextiles Jupiter in the 1st. These aspects are both helpful in reaching a wider audience.

Investigative Pluto trining Grafton’s Moon shows her focus on detective stories. Pluto in Leo on the cusp of her 5th house also seems to have given her inexhaustible creative ideas. Pluto’s hard aspects may bring traumas to a life, and with Pluto squaring her Sun and Saturn, she experienced a difficult divorce and custody battle. Her mother had also been a suicide following cancer surgery.

Venus was way Out of Bounds in declination, signifying someone with an artistic sensibility. Mars was also OOB and closely parallel an OOB Pluto. This unusual combination further accentuates the emphasis on crime and investigation in Grafton’s work, as well as her drive and ability to address tough emotional issues.

Sue Grafton was an extremely successful mystery writer, so we’d expect an emphasis on the 3rd-9th house axis, Mercury and Jupiter, as well as Pluto and the 8th house. But it’s refreshing to see a horoscope that so obviously indicates what the person was all about.

Grafton was born on April 24, 1940 at 4:10 am in Louisville, Kentucky, rated AA by Astrodatabank

Donald Trump, Jr.

Capricorn Donald Trump, Jr. is busy with his father’s business, but has admitted he met with a Russian lawyer during the campaign to scope out dirt on Hillary Clinton. The New York Times says he’s already changed his story. With Mercury conjoining Neptune in his birth chart, are we getting the truth?

Trump, Jr.’s Mercury-Neptune mirrors his father’s Mercury square Neptune. Donald Jr.’s Mercury is further emphasized by being at its station – moving from retrograde to direct, and also falls right on his father’s Sun-Node-Moon opposition (Sr.’s natal eclipse).

Transiting Saturn will station right on Donald Jr.’s Mercury in August as it also conjoins his father’s Moon at the same time. They share any transits to this point and some of the experiences that Saturn is bringing up. There may be substance to this story and we should hear more over the next few months.

Transiting Jupiter in Libra conjoins Jr.’s Pluto this month, suggesting that the truth will come out. But Jupiter will also sextile Mercury by the end of August, and go on to trine his Jupiter and sextile his Saturn and Venus in the fall. These are favorable aspects that should facilitate things for him.

We have no birth time for Donald, Jr. Transiting Neptune may be opposing his Moon, further confusing the situation. Transiting Pluto might also be trining his Moon, which could help him, through powerful family members, avoid any culpability. Pluto, when it trines his Moon, should dredge up his family’s past in many ways. Without a birth time, though, it’s difficult to tell which influence will predominate this year.

Anthony Weiner Faces Saturn

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner pled guilty to Federal obscenity charges on Friday, May 18, 2017 for sexting an underage girl in 2016. Weiner guilty

Weiner was born on September 4, 1964 in Brooklyn according to Wikipedia
(no time available). His Virgo Sun is conjunct Pluto and Uranus, showing his obsession (Pluto) with technology (Uranus). This is also a signature that may indicate ups and downs in the career as well as a need for periodic re-invention. Weiner pleads guilty

Weiner’s retrograde Mercury in Virgo is the final dispositor of his chart, giving him intelligence and pragmatism, but it also opposes Saturn (as does his Sun). Wendell C. Perry on GoodGollyAstrology looked at Weiner’s horoscope and the role transiting Saturn played in his personal and professional problems. Perry accurately forecast a significant turning point for Weiner in October of 2016, when he would “feel the full weight of his past actions” as Saturn squared his Sun and Pluto. At that time, it was revealed that the FBI was investigating Weiner, and had seized computer (leading to the re-opening of their look at Hillary Clinton’s e-mails).

When Anthony Weiner pled guilty, transiting Saturn was exactly quincunx his natal Venus, forming a yod with his Venus-Mars-Jupiter sextile. Ed Dearborn, in his excellent article on yods in The Mountain Astrologer, felt that the yod created by transits to the natal chart “…provides a challenge to an individual and an opportunity to exert energies ‘against the current.’ This allows the chart to show where one can make progress and lend assistance to those who wish to see injustices righted or new paths forged in our daily lives.”

Saturn and the authorities have forced Weiner to admit to his crimes and accept the penalties. It may now be easier for him to be able to get some help for his mental and emotional problems.

Saturn and NYC Transit

New York City’s Penn Station experienced two train derailments in less than two weeks – a New Jersey Transit slow-speed derailment on April 3 and an Amtrak partial derailment on 3/24/17. In addition, there was a Long Island Railroad service train derailment on 2/8, and a LIRR morning commuter train crashed into Atlantic Terminal on 1/4. What’s going on?

The horoscope for Greater New York has Venus conjunct Mars in Sagittarius in its 3rd house of transportation, which trines the Moon in the 7th in Aries. These planets in fire signs show the importance of transit to New York and the many different railroad, bus and subway systems that speed through the City each day.Penn Station delays

But with Saturn in Sagittarius stationing near both Venus and Mars this month, transit has been snarled. Saturn takes its time, and may create delays. As it stationed, Saturn remained less than a degree and a half from conjoining Mars. This is one of those aspects that tends to have a definitive effect. It can cause damages, equipment failure and human error. On the plus side, new ferry service from Queens and Brooklyn to Manhattan begins this spring.

New York experienced its Saturn return, also in the 3rd house, in late 2015. The new Hudson River tunnel plan and Penn Station train hall on Eighth Avenue both appear to be stalled. This is the nature of Saturn, which can bring growing pains. When the 3rd house aspects are finished late this year, hopefully plans will be adjusted or solidified. Governors Cuomo and Christie have asked for a review of Penn Station’s infrastructure.

In the meantime, on Good Friday, 4/15, over a thousand New Jersey Transit commuters were trapped in an overheated train for several hours due to a power problem, and frightened crowds surged as a police Taser went off in Penn Station (Mercury retrograde aggravating the situation). Saturn backs away from NYC’s Venus and Mars in April, but will return to complete the aspects in December of 2017. Be cautious. And as the MTA often advises, allow additional travel time.

Greater New York was created on January 1, 1898 at 12:01 AM, New York, NY.

Saturn and the Ancestors

With Saturn closely parallel my Midheaven and trine my Ascendant, I’ve always felt drawn toward my family’s past.  Saturn represents both yesteryear and authority figures.  It also rules old structures as well as the grave.  So it’s obvious why Saturn also rules our ancestors and the study of genealogy.grandparents-nypl

My grandfather died when I was a little girl, but he had a tremendous influence on me (his Moon conjoins my Ascendant).  He was a pianist who played by ear.  When he passed, his piano came to me and became my focus.  I learned how to play step-by-step though, in a more typical Saturn manner.  (Once I began studying astrology in earnest, my musical studies faded out.)

When I moved back to Brooklyn it felt like coming home, as it brought back memories of my childhood visits to my grandparents.  And I now live within a few miles of their homes, as well as the cemetery and family lots where many of my ancestors, including my dad, are all buried.

My office is within walking distance of where my grandfather lived with his family as a young man, after they crossed the Manhattan Bridge from Little Italy into Brooklyn over 100 years ago.

In studying any family genealogy, you’ll find unusual astrological correspondences.  One of my Italian great-grandfathers, who I first discovered through his Will filed at the Brooklyn Surrogate’s Court in 1932, has his Jupiter closely conjunct my Sun; he led me on a journey into my family’s past.  My great-grandmother’s Sun is closely conjunct my Moon.  These people have resonance for me, although I’ve never met them.  My grandfather’s Venus closely conjoins my Jupiter, showing our musical connection.  His Jupiter in Virgo exactly conjoins my Pluto, which might suggest why his influence on me deepened and played out for  many years after his death.

I share numerous close aspects with all of my parents and grandparents; so many planets are involved.  But I think it’s ultimately the bones of Saturn that continue to draw them to me and keep them all nearby.

(Photo courtesy of NYPL.)

Election 2016: Saturn Transits

Saturn is such a reliable indicator of career developments that we should consider it as an important part of assessing the presidential race.  Saturn’s cycle of approximately 28-29 years also correlates nicely with our lifespan.  Looking back to previous cycles can be very helpful in forecasting.

This technique worked extremely well with Bernie Sanders and the Democratic nomination, since he had actually run for office in both of his previous cycles and lost.

On Election Day, November 8, 2016, Saturn will be at about 15 Sagittarius.  It stationed at that point from July to September of 1987.  What was happening for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton at that point in time?

Trump, already a billionaire at age 41, had paid for a full-page New York Times ad (costing nearly $100,000) in August, critiquing U.S. foreign policy (Ronald Reagan was then in office).  This was followed by a Newsweek cover story on September 28, 1987, where he stated, “I’m not running for president… but if I did… I’d win.”

At that time, Trump had numerous conflicts with NYC Mayor Ed Koch, reminiscent of his difficulties with some Republican authority figures today.

In October of 1987, Donald attracted a large audience at a Rotary Club meeting in Hampton, New Hampshire.  His speech was recently characterized by Politico.com  as his “First Campaign Speech.”  It was isolationist in tone, and he received an extremely enthusiastic response.

It’s fascinating that he’s doing very much the same thing on a much larger scale in 2016.  Yet he hadn’t run for office and wasn’t appointed to any office.

In 1987, Hillary Clinton had recently helped her husband to win another term as Governor of Arkansas.  In September, he announced that he wouldn’t be running for president in the coming election.

That year, Hillary was elected Chair of the Children’s Defense Fund and New World Foundation.  She and Bill Clinton received the National Humanitarian Award from the National Conference of Christians and Jews.  In addition, she became Chair of the American Bar Association’s Commission on Women.  (Unfortunately, the sources don’t report exactly when these events occurred.)

However, Hillary was involved with her husband’s career in 1987 and he continues to be involved with hers.  She was in public life and won notable elections or appointments at her previous Saturn cycle.  Is this enough of a parallel to the presidential election today?  I think so.  The cycle suggests she’ll win again when Saturn returns to the same place in November.

Scalia and Saturn

Justice Antonin Scalia served on the Supreme Court for 29 years – the magic Saturn cycle number. So Saturn must have played a significant part in his experience. And he was a very Saturn character.

Saturn is known for its conservatism, and Scalia presented the conservative viewpoint in his decisions as well as in his life. He remained a staunch opponent of both abortion and gay marriage, and solidified individuals’ rights to own guns. Saturn typically protects the status quo and is not an innovator. Scalia took a historical view of what the Constitution meant when it was written, rather than seeing it as a living document, since Saturn rules both history and endurance.

And talk about job security – something every Saturn person wants. How many jobs have a lifetime guarantee? Scalia found one.

When we look at Justice Scalia’s horoscope, it’s no surprise to see he was born with Saturn conjunct his Sun. He respected authority and became an authority himself. (Of course there was much more to the man and his horoscope, though Saturn is a strong factor.)

Scalia was appointed by Ronald Regan and affirmed by the Senate on September 17, 1986. Saturn was at 5 Sagittarius and had recently stationed in trine to his Leo Midheaven, while Uranus, also in Sagittarius, was near the midpoint of a square to his Sun conjunct Saturn. When he died on February 13, 2016, just a month shy of his 80th birthday, transiting Saturn was again in Sagittarius and squared his Saturn.

Justice Antonin Scalia was born on March 11, 1936 at 8:55 pm in Trenton, New Jersey, according to his birth certificate and Astrodatabank.

David Letterman and Saturn

David Letterman said goodbye to late-night television after his final Late Show on May 20, 2015. Saturn’s aspects augur predictable change, and Saturn transiting Dave’s 7th house of partnerships, contracts and the public was exactly trine his natal Saturn in the 4th house of security, stability and endings. Transiting Saturn will exactly trine his natal Mars in Aries in his 12th in a few weeks, creating a grand trine. In keeping with Saturn, this was an organized change that was well-known in advance.

The transiting Uranus-Pluto square also has something to do with Letterman’s career transition. Pluto through his 9th house of broadcasting is sextiling his Venus (exact in a few weeks). Venus placed in the 11th how shows a transformation in his colleagues, associates and friends as Pluto activates it. Another flowing aspect, it indicates a smooth development. The 11th house also rules our hopes and wishes for the future, so his goals have changed.

Transiting Uranus will station near a conjunction with Dave’s Aries Sun in July, breaking him away from his dynamic career path and into something completely new. It will exactly conjoin his Sun and square his Midheaven in 2016. Since Uranus promises new vistas and unexpected developments, the talk-show host should have some notable events in his life and career – things will certainly not be dull!

Letterman was born on April 12, 1947 at 6:00 am in Indianapolis (rated “A” on Astrodatabank).

Billy Joel’s Saturn Children

Taurean singer Billy Joel and his partner Alexis Roderick recently announced that they are expecting a baby this summer. Joel’s only other child, Alexa Ray, is 29 years old. This is astrologically significant since it indicates the return of a Saturn cycle for Billy Joel and having children. (Most women, of course, couldn’t accomplish this feat without massive hormonal intervention.)

At the time of Joel’s announcement, Saturn was at 4 Sagittarius, transiting his 5th house of children. Alexa Ray was born on December 29, 1985, when Saturn was just under 5 Sagittarius. The new baby will be born at around the time of Saturn’s station at 28 Scorpio 17, squaring Joel’s natal Saturn at 29-1/2 Leo, and less than 6 degrees from the exact place that Saturn transited when Alexa Ray was born, still in his 5th house.

While not technically exact, this is an excellent, straightforward example of the repetitive nature of Saturn’s transit cycles. Though most people will not experience such a striking repetition of similar events!

Billy Joel was born on May 9, 1949 at 9:30 AM in the Bronx, rated AA (from his birth certificate) on Astrodatabank.

Lady Gaga and Saturn

Radio City Music Hall continues selling tickets to Lady Gaga in concert with old-time crooner Tony Bennett. Their album of jazz standards, Cheek to Cheek was released in September of 2014, and quickly rose to #1 on the Billboard charts. This is Gaga’s third consecutive #1 album, and at 88, Bennett maintains his distinction of being the oldest singer with a #1 hit. But aside from their NY Italian-American roots, what are these two doing together? If you consider Saturn, it’s obvious.

Gaga has the Moon at 11 Scorpio 27. She underwent hip surgery as Saturn stationed exactly on her Moon in February of 2013, perhaps forcing her to consider simpler, more basic music for a time. Bennett has Saturn at 19 Scorpio 29 and becomes for her the personification of Saturn – quite literally in the form of an old man (he experienced his third Saturn return this year). His Saturn conjoins her Moon, making long-term collaboration between them a very real possibility. And Gaga’s Saturn also trines Bennett’s Leo Sun within about a degree. If Saturn provides the glue that makes relationships stick, this commitment goes both ways.

And fascinatingly, they both make each other sound better! Lady Gaga is known as more of a Uranian type of performer – it’s often more about theatrics and technology than her vocals. While she actually has a beautiful, strong voice, you almost need to see her at the piano or raised on some contraption over the floor – there’s something missing from her solos. And Tony Bennett used to be able to sing, but that was decades ago. (A PBS broadcast of the duo’s concert showed audiences giving him a standing ovation for a solo – they’re just glad he’s still alive.) However something wonderful happens when they’re together and they seem to compensate for any liabilities in each other’s performances. Such an emphasis on Saturn in their relationship suggests that they’ve worked on it.

As Saturn passes into Sagittarius in 2015-2016, Gaga will experience her first Saturn return. With so much success behind her, it’s hard to remember that she’s still only 28. It’ll be interesting to see what her next act will be.

Lady Gaga was born on March 28, 1986 at 9:53 AM in Manhattan (rated “B” on Astrodatabank; the source is her Twitter page. Tony Bennett was born on August 3, 1926 in Long Island City, NY, with no time available.