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Donald Trump, Jr.

Capricorn Donald Trump, Jr. is busy with his father’s business, but has admitted he met with a Russian lawyer during the campaign to scope out dirt on Hillary Clinton. The New York Times says he’s already changed his story. With Mercury conjoining Neptune in his birth chart, are we getting the truth?

Trump, Jr.’s Mercury-Neptune mirrors his father’s Mercury square Neptune. Donald Jr.’s Mercury is further emphasized by being at its station – moving from retrograde to direct, and also falls right on his father’s Sun-Node-Moon opposition (Sr.’s natal eclipse).

Transiting Saturn will station right on Donald Jr.’s Mercury in August as it also conjoins his father’s Moon at the same time. They share any transits to this point and some of the experiences that Saturn is bringing up. There may be substance to this story and we should hear more over the next few months.

Transiting Jupiter in Libra conjoins Jr.’s Pluto this month, suggesting that the truth will come out. But Jupiter will also sextile Mercury by the end of August, and go on to trine his Jupiter and sextile his Saturn and Venus in the fall. These are favorable aspects that should facilitate things for him.

We have no birth time for Donald, Jr. Transiting Neptune may be opposing his Moon, further confusing the situation. Transiting Pluto might also be trining his Moon, which could help him, through powerful family members, avoid any culpability. Pluto, when it trines his Moon, should dredge up his family’s past in many ways. Without a birth time, though, it’s difficult to tell which influence will predominate this year.

Prince’s Estate

Horoscopes continue after the people who lived them have passed on, especially where their personal and professional affairs are concerned.  We can clearly see this in the legal proceedings for music superstar Prince’s estate.

By any measure, Prince Rogers Nelson had a remarkable horoscope, reflected in the uniquely multitalented man.  He worked out of his home studio, and created,  produced, arranged and performed almost all the music in his recordings.  With a Scorpio Ascendant, he had tremendous drive, and both rulers are in a tight inconjunct aspect – Mars in Aries conjoining the 5th house of creativity and Pluto in Leo closely conjunct the MC. 

But Pluto is also part of a T-square with focal point Mercury in Gemini in the 7th and the Moon in Pisces conjunct the 4th house cusp.  Prince reached a wide audience, but also had relationship issues, going so far as to change his identity for a period of time due to contractual disagreements.  Prince’s Neptune in the 12th was also the focal point of a yod with Mercury and Mars, showing his wonderful imagination and how he was able to direct it into creative projects.

He died on April 21, 2016 from an accidental drug overdose.  He was 58 at the time and had not left a Will.  Traditionally, the 4th house shows the “end of the matter.”  In an individual’s chart, it also indicates one’s home, property or land – what we might call his estate.  This is where we look to see what happens to the stuff we leave on earth.

The Pisces Moon on the 4th house cusp shows Prince’s vast, multitudinous properties, born of his creative imagination – estimated at $200 million.  The star had two marriages which both ended earlier in his life, and he had no children.  So his estate is divided among his closest relatives – six siblings.  Siblings are ruled by both Mercury and Gemini, and these family members have now become has partners, all trying to look out for their own interests and determine how best to proceed.

The patterns that made Prince such a dynamic artist also challenge the resolution of his estate.  As one might imagine with the Moon opposite Pluto and so much property at stake, 45 parties came forward with claims.  The judge has rejected most of them, but some have appealed his decision. The estate could easily take many years to resolve.

Prince is experiencing his Saturn return throughout 2017, which should help move things forward and confirm the judge’s order.  But transiting Neptune squaring his 8th house Sun from the 4th seems to be the significator for the complicated estate proceedings, which have been both numerous and costly.  The Neptune transit won’t be complete until early 2020, when the court should get beyond much of the confusion.

Uranus will trine Prince’s Midheaven during 2018 to early 2019, which could bring some surprising developments.  The estate is already planning on releasing new albums and concert films.

Prince was born on June 7, 1958 at 6:17 PM according to his birth record on Astrodatabank.


Justin Timberlake and Neptune

Justin Timberlake’s new song, “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” hit the top of the charts over Memorial Day weekend, and is being touted as the song of the summer. This infectious pop tune reflects Timberlake’s exact Moon conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius.

“Can’t Stop the Feeling” captures a sense of love, joy and happiness, and the video shows people in everyday life expressing it. Since Justin not only performs the song, but was also a writer and co-producer, it strongly reflects his personality. His Moon and Neptune closely trine his Leo Ascendant from the cusp of the 5th house, giving him the ability to creatively dramatize a special moment in time. The singer-songwriter seems able to effortlessly capture an evanescent feeling.

Sagittarius showcases optimism and expansiveness, but it’s also the combination with Neptune that transcends the material plane and blends it into a sense of higher consciousness. Neptune is certainly at home with music and dance. And look how many joyful Sagittarius-Neptune phrases we can find in the song’s lyrics:

“I fly so high, no ceiling, when I’m in my zone”
“Got that good soul in my feet”
“moving so phenomenally”
“Just imagine”
“Nothing I can see but you when you dance, dance, dance”
“It’s something magical”

Director Mark Romanek (born September 18, 1959) perfectly captures the essence of the song in the music video. His Uranus at 19 Leo conjoins Justin’s Ascendant while trining his Moon-Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius. Transiting Uranus will station in the third fire sign, Aries, in Timberlake’s 9th house this summer, creating a once-in-a-lifetime grand trine. So the hype about “Can’t Stop the Feeling” being the summer’s song is probably correct! Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake was born on January 31, 1981 at 6:30 PM in Memphis, Tennessee, according to his birth certificate on Astrodatabank.

Kumare and Neptune

Vikram Gandhi, a disillusioned Indian-American philosopher who’s followed gurus across India, returns to the U.S. to impersonate one himself. As Kumare, he collects followers in Arizona, trains them in his own form of yoga, listens to their problems and advises that the answers lie within. Along the way he transforms the lives of many of his devotees and is profoundly changed himself. Gandhi is the creator, director, writer and star of the wise and funny film titled Kumare.

How many references to Neptune can you find in the first paragraph? Film of course. And disillusionment is typical of Neptune, since its idealism can lead to illusions. While both philosophy and inter-cultural relations are often characterized by Jupiter, Neptune in this case is more appropriate. Vikram’s studies and research in the U.S. and India have given him information, but not faith. He seeks inspiration from gurus, who are supposedly on a spiritual path, and visits India only to be disappointed.

By impersonating a guru, Vikram takes on a Neptunian disguise and renames himself. He grows his hair and beard, walks barefoot, adopts his grandmother’s accent and wears flowing robes. Traveling to Arizona where he won’t be recognized, he attracts over a dozen followers who want to devote more time to learning yoga, meditation and a spiritual approach to life. Vikram as Kumare, after months in the role, becomes something of a mystic himself, always insisting that “I am not who I appear to be.”

The devotees pour out their hearts to their guru, as they each grapple with life’s challenges and find in him a willing listener and leader. Kumare takes them seriously, meets with them regularly and schedules individual sessions, apparently for no fee. As the devotees find inspiration, Vikram/Kumare becomes more earnest in addressing his followers’ needs, yet avoids interfering in their decision-making process. He has influenced them and they have influenced him in some ineffable Neptunian way. It’s almost as if, in coming together, the group has evoked what it needed; the faith of the guru himself somehow didn’t matter.

Over a month after the end of the seminar, having shaved his beard, cut his hair and returned to western garb, Vikram goes back to Arizona to reveal himself. His students are shocked and only a few are angry but most don’t care. One has lost 70 pounds, one has left an unfulfilling relationship to become a yoga instructor herself, and a stressed-out lawyer has grounded her emotions with her new practices. This is surely a Neptunian story all around, abounding in both deception and transcendence, and the film reminds us of the blurred lines between illusion and reality.

Kumare premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival on March 13, 2011 with the Sun and Mars in Pisces. It was released on June 20, 2012 with Jupiter in Gemini and the North Node in Sagittarius both squaring Neptune in Pisces. See more about Kumare.

Pop Astro

Astrology got a lot of press in the 60s, but in 1967 the familiar song, “The Age of Aquarius,” had it wrong. “When the Moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars” is nothing but New Age gobbledygook! Any astrologer knows that Jupiter only heightens Mars’ war-like nature.

But we now have Echosmith’s song, “Bright,” which makes much more astrological sense. The singer is in love and says, “Did you and Jupiter conspire to get me?” Very appropriate since Jupiter may bring us luck and help expand our lives with a new relationship.

She goes on to say that, “I think you and the Moon and Neptune got it right, ‘cause now I’m shining bright.” This line captures the warm, happy feeling of being in love that the emotional, dreamy planets, the Moon and Neptune, can convey. The singer says, “I get lost in your eyes,” and “You make what doesn’t matter fade to gray,” both of which we may associate with Neptune’s ability to heighten our senses and transcend physical reality.

I guess we’ve progressed a little in the last 45 years! “Bright” is about observing the night sky (astronomy) but also the underlying suggestion that the planets are influencing our lives (astrology!). And the symbolism the lyricists chose is perfectly appropriate.

Neptune and Racial Identity

Civil rights activist Rachel Dolezal, who claimed to be African American, resigned her position as President of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP on Monday after her parents revealed her on nationwide TV as a white woman. Neptune is the planet of deception and misrepresentation, and we find plenty of it in Dolezal’s horoscope.

Rachel Dolezal was born in Lincoln County, Montana on November 12, 1977. The Moon conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius created confusion regarding her family background. With black adoptive siblings and an African American ex-husband and child, there was diversity among her family members (Moon in Sagittarius). But Neptune also blurred the lines of her own personal identification.

Mercury is in Sagittarius, the sign of inter-cultural exchange, and with three planets in this sign, it’s not surprising that she identified with those of different backgrounds. Sagittarius also rules education, journalism and activism, and Dolezal was also a university instructor with a weekly newspaper column, both positions she’s also lost.

Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is placed in Cancer in her horoscope, the sign of its exaltation, making it one of her strongest planets. She gained success by speaking out for racial equality and civil rights. But since Mercury is closely quincunx her Jupiter, she went too far, as both Sagittarius and Jupiter may do, in actually describing herself as African American.

Transiting Neptune in Pisces was stationary and squaring Dolezal’s Sagittarius Moon when her true racial identity was outed. While Neptune often deceives us, it can also bring to light earlier misconceptions. Mercury was stationary-direct at the same time, and the news media leapt on the story, correcting the record.

In her birth chart, Dolezal has Saturn squaring her Sun in Scorpio. Transiting Saturn recently conjoined her Mercury and was nearly exactly squaring her natal Saturn at the time she lost her jobs. Saturn is often the antidote to Neptune as it brings us down to earth. Hard Saturn transits can alter our position and status, especially when they’re not legitimately earned, and particularly for someone with a challenging natal Saturn. Rachel Dolezal, now 37, will have to reinvent herself once again.

The Washington Post included an image of Dolezal’s birth certificate on their website, here

Get It?

I woke up and turned on the radio. The BBC was interviewing some foreign English speakers and I couldn’t understand a word. I changed the station and found a preachy Sunday sermon that put me back to sleep. I’m suddenly getting all kinds of calls from survey-takers and recorded marketers. I recently wrote some checks that bounced.

Of course, these kinds of things could happen any time. But why all of them at once? And why now? This month, Mercury squares Neptune, turns retrograde, then squares Neptune again. This is an astrological influence well beyond your typical Mercury retrograde mishaps and misunderstandings. And it’ll repeat itself all over again when Mercury turns direct in June and squares Neptune once again.

But now that we’re aware of it, we can try really hard to be sure we understand exactly what’s going on. Mercury is in Gemini, so logic should prevail. Neptune is in Pisces, so our intuition can be strong, too. It’s the point where they intersect that creates blind spots.

Repeat back what someone told you, just in case. Double check the e-mail recipients before clicking “send.” Print out the directions – don’t assume you’ll remember them. And write down your dreams – they’ll make more sense later on!

Rudy Giuliani and Neptune

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has returned to the center of media attention for his controversial remarks about President Obama. At a 2/18/15 dinner for a potential Republican presidential candidate, he stated that Obama “doesn’t love America.” News outlets leapt to cover his remarks. Giuliani almost immediately reported receiving death threats. Some commentators suggested that the Mayor’s statements were racially motivated. And a You-Tube video from a black adolescent in Georgia, defending Giuliani, went viral. All of these effects are due to Neptune’s influence.

Barbara Watters describes one of Neptune’s actions as diffusion – spreading over a wide area. It relates to the loss of the individual ego as it merges with the collective. Giuliani’s thoughts are in keeping with partisan political rhetoric; there’s nothing new in Republicans calling Democrats un-American and linking them with Socialists and Communists. Yet partisan politics, at its worst, is blind allegiance, the opposite of thoughtful commentary. Neptune sets off emotional reactions – a story “going viral” implies infection or a malicious attack. We’re intuitively drawn to fight both, further spreading the story.

Rudy Giuliani was born on May 28, 1944 in Brooklyn, NY (rated “A” on Astrodatabank).  He has Neptune rising in trine to his Sun in the 9th house. He’s no stranger to controversy, but was also hailed as “America’s Mayor” for his leadership following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Transiting Neptune at that time was closely trining his Sun, a flowing aspect, and Giuliani was perfectly in tune with its trend. The collective needed assurance and Giuliani provided it. There were more flags displayed at that time than on the 4th of July as individuals merged into the collective of America.

Giuliani is still the same person, but his message isn’t playing out in the same way. Neptune is now exactly squaring his Sun – and a square doesn’t have the ease and acceptance of the trine aspect; he’s now at least somewhat at odds with prevailing trends. However it can still generate much attention. Neptune will square Giuliani’s Sun again from late 2015 to early 2016 – so we can expect some more news from him at that time.

Many politicians have significant Neptune placements in their birth charts. These may indicate idealism and faith or misconduct and corruption – and perhaps a little of both. We can also use Neptune as a forecasting tool, indicating whether collective trends will be in favor of a particular candidate. President Obama has the Sun square Neptune in his natal horoscope. For the 2012 presidential election, transiting Neptune was in his first house, trining his Venus. His opponents Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan both has transiting Neptune squaring their Ascendants. One aspect can never be dispositive, but this example highlights an obvious one.

Marijuana in New York

Governor Cuomo signed New York’s medical marijuana bill into law on July 7, 2014 at 1:00 pm in Manhattan. With a wide angular grand cross on the angles of the horoscope for this event, it’s an important major development, despite the fact that New York is the 23rd State to allow medical marijuana and its law one of the most restrictive. Marijuana in NY will be legal only for doctors to use in treating serious illnesses like cancer, epilepsy, AIDS and MS. (Source for the chart data is wibv.com.)

With the Moon in Scorpio conjoining Saturn, the horoscope shows the significant limitations and focus of the law. The question now becomes one of practical implementation. Saturn also forms a tight yod with Venus in Gemini and Uranus in Aries. So the authorities (Saturn) are in effect making exceptions (Uranus) to help people be more comfortable (Venus). A 10-year-old girl with epilepsy, a patient who might be helped by medical marijuana, accompanied the governor as he signed the bill. She was clearly represented by Venus in Gemini.

The transiting Uranus-Pluto square, along with the Sun in Cancer and Mars in Libra, formed a cardinal grand cross conjoining the Ascendant, 4th house, 7th and Midheaven of the horoscope. This extremely dynamic figure also contains Jupiter in Cancer in the 10th which squares Mars. It was easy for the governor’s office to get publicity for this event! The North Node in Libra in the 1st house also becomes part of the wide grand cross pattern. So this development is part of a longer-term trend.

In Brooklyn the next day, D.A. Kenneth Thompson announced that he will no longer prosecute low-level marijuana possession charges, especially for first offenders or users under 17. This has raised some controversy since the other NYC boroughs won’t make similar changes at this time.

Neptune rules intoxicants as well as medicine and compassion. Developments involving use of marijuana in NY may have to do with transiting Neptune nearly exactly squaring NYC’s Saturn in Sagittarius. This aspect will repeat throughout 2015, so there should be more news surrounding these issues in the coming months.

Flight 370 Disappearance and Neptune

News reports about the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 are full of keywords for Neptune. The missing plane presents a mystery, having simply vanished from the radar. Due to fragmentary and conflicting clues, there have been false leads and confusion, with initial speculation that the plane fell into the sea. Millions of volunteers around the world have been conducting a virtual search by scanning satellite images online.

When we have such a strong thematic emphasis, it’s a good bet that Neptune is strong in the horoscope for the flight’s take-off. It left Kuala Lumpur at 12:41 AM and it’s no surprise that Neptune is exactly conjunct the angular 4th house and creates a grand cross with the Moon in Gemini on the Descendant, along with the Ascendant and the Midheaven.

The other angular planet in the chart, the Moon in Gemini, also highlights themes relating to communications issues. Pinging signals were picked up from the plane for several hours after it disappeared. In addition, The Data Link System and Transponders used to communicate location with air traffic controllers were shut down, quite an unusual situation. The plane now appears to have flown for a number of hours after being redirected from its original route.

Time will reveal what the Neptunian deception in this matter is, and whether the passengers and crew have been taken prisoner or may have fallen into the sea.