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A Brooklyn Tragedy

On March 21, 2015, Gayle and Gabriel Sassoon’s home in Brooklyn was destroyed by fire, killing seven of their eight children. Can we anticipate such an extreme event astrologically? And how would it look? Heavy transiting planets often activate the natal chart at momentous times like these.

This was an electrical fire that changed the fate of a large family literally overnight. Must be Uranus, right? But the overwhelming extent of the devastation also suggests Pluto. Of course, the long-term transit of Uranus square Pluto was exact less than two weeks before the fire, strengthening these energies and creating a major upheaval. We are all affected by the Uranus square Pluto trend, but those whose birth charts they contact most closely will feel their effects more strongly. And of course, most of us will not experience such an unusual tragedy, which will be seen in birth chart patterns as well.

Gabriel Sassoon was born on April 28, 1972 according to public records. His full Moon chart with the Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio suggests a life of drama, at least from time to time, as well as complex issues surrounding his home life. The Moon in Scorpio, while in its fall, is nevertheless fruitful when considering children astrologically. With Jupiter trining and sextiling his Sun-Moon opposition, he was also lucky. One certainly can’t consider him lucky in losing most of a large family, but he did survive, being away at a religious retreat at the time of the fire. This combination of luck and tragedy is indicated by his Jupiter in Capricorn, the sign of its fall. There is loss, but something remains. Transiting Neptune also sextiled the Sun trine Jupiter birth chart pattern, providing solace in religion.

Sassoon’s Saturn closely opposes Neptune, showing a need to balance practical reality and ideals. The Sassoons were orthodox Jews, and this resonates with Saturn’s focus on tradition and Neptune’s on ideology. Transiting Saturn at its stationary point strengthened its effects. It closely conjoined Gabriel’s Neptune and opposed his Saturn at the time of the accident, presenting a major change and removing his established security. He was pushed into a new phase as we so often are with Saturn.  Perhaps this combination also shows the negligence in not installing smoke alarms on the family’s main floors.

Gabriel Sassoon also has Uranus opposite Mercury in his birth chart. The transiting Uranus square Pluto pattern exactly squared Uranus. Here is the overwhelming sudden and unexpected event which changed everything forever.

We can see in this example how each of the heavier transiting planets added to the overall event. While no one but a psychic could have foreseen exactly how things would fall out, Uranus and Pluto did forecast a sudden, irrevocable change, and Saturn inevitably moved Sassoon into a new phase of his life. Neptune brought about a confusing event where he lacked the ability to rescue his family. Jupiter allowed him to survive. With a properly timed birth chart, we would know even more. And certainly looking at eclipses, declinations and other astrological tools would fill out this sad story and help us better understand how it happened.

Earth Day Astrologically

Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970 and is now an annual event drawing attention to sustainability and the environment. The horoscope for Earth Day features the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn all in the sign of Taurus, perhaps the most grounded of the earth signs. Taurus gives Earth Day its practical agenda and highlights the peace and beauty of the earth.

The chart also contains Pluto in the earth sign of Virgo, which suggests the essentials of growth and conservation as well as clean energy. In addition, the Moon and Jupiter are both in Scorpio, ruling recycling and the regenerative forces of nature.

The horoscope for Earth Day meshes very nicely with New York City’s Sun and Mercury in earth sign Capricorn, as well as the U.S. chart, which has the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in the home-oriented sign of Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn. I don’t expect that the people who originated Earth Day were astrologers, but as so often happens, the appropriate significance of a horoscope cannot be denied! Blue-green beach, clouds

Bill deBlasio’s Inauguration Horoscope

New York City’s new mayor Bill deBlasio took the oath of office at approximately 12:01 AM on January 1, 2014 at his home in Brooklyn. He campaigned on a platform of change, and with a dynamic grand cross in the horoscope for the new administration, there will be major changes in store for the City. DeBlasio is our first new mayor in 12 years and the first Democratic mayor in 20.

Angular planets dominate any horoscope, and with six angular planets in the grand cross, this is a powerful figure. The planets involved – the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto – are all energized and placed in lively cardinal signs, making for an extraordinarily active and forceful chart.

Jupiter in the tenth house represents the authority figure, deBlasio himself. Since Jupiter is exalted in the sign of Cancer, he’s riding high in popularity and support. Yet he’s besieged on all sides – from influences both inside and outside of the City – so there will be many issues and challenges to address.

Jupiter trines Saturn in Scorpio in the second house, suggesting that stable finances will help keep the new mayor in power. Taxing the wealthy is probably the least controversial thing he’ll do.

Home and family are represented by the 4th house and deBlasio’s priority of affordable housing is indicated by four planets in thrifty Capricorn in the 4th house. Yet the mayor may face opposition from historical preservationists, who are also ruled by Capricorn.

Let’s look at Bill deBlasio’s promise to reform the controversial “stop and frisk” policy. Gemini is on the 9th house of the law and its ruler Mercury conjoins the Sun and Pluto at the bottom of the chart, with all three part of the grand cross. The control (Pluto) of law (Mercury) opposes the mayor (Jupiter in the 10th house). Due to the oppositions and squares in the grand cross, there are strongly differing points of view, so a compromise will have to be reached.

DeBlasio’s tenure as mayor will probably be filled with polarizing elements (4 opposition aspects) and diverse factions squaring off against one another (8 squares), although he is empowered to pursue his agenda. With the epoch-making Uranus-Pluto generational square prominent in the administration’s horoscope, we can certainly expect some surprising and even dramatic events surrounding the new mayor and the City’s progress.

2013 Election Winners

Both Bill deBlasio and Chris Christie enjoyed landslide victories in this week’s elections.  It can be challenging to choose the winners, but astrology always helps us figure out exactly what happened.

Bill deBlasio was born on May 8, 1961 at 7:03 PM in New York, NY (his campaign manager gave the data to astrologer Shelley Ackerman).  The new NYC mayor is a very idealistic guy, with Neptune on his Scorpio Ascendant squaring Jupiter and opposing his Sun.  Transit Saturn in Scorpio was conjoining his Neptune and Ascendant in the last months of his campaign, an aspect that can help clarify ideals and may bring unusual career developments.  It also holds the possibility for publicity, which was immensely helpful to him.  DeBlasio’s campaign heated up this summer, when his son Dante appeared in TV ads.  Broadening Jupiter combined with the Saturn-Neptune pattern at that time to popularize the candidate’s message, and the momentum continued.

Saturn transiting the first house will bring up significant developments in deBlasio’s life and career as it makes major aspects in early 2014, when he begins his new duties.  This influence often indicates a turning point in life.  DeBlasio will be taking on important responsibilities (Saturn opposite his Sun) and is moving in a new direction (Saturn square his Uranus).  Saturn repeats a cycle that began in 1984 when he first began his career with a job for the NYC Department of Juvenile Justice.

Chris Christie was born on September 6, 1962 and was re-elected as Governor of NJ with over 50% of the vote.  Transiting Saturn was helping him, too, as it sextiled his Sun almost exactly at the time of the election.  This aspect is not as powerful as deBlasio’s Saturn-Sun aspect, but Christie will not have such a major change in his life.  Saturn sextile the Sun usually gives us some career movement, often just what we can expect based on past experience, but not a significant change.  So Governor Christie is continuing what he began four years ago. 

Christie had lap-band weight-loss surgery in February of 2013 and already appears to have dropped from his speculated 300-lb. weight.  Transiting Pluto was exactly square his Mercury, which often coincides with important decisions and transformation in a particular area of experience.  And with the Sun conjunct Pluto in Virgo in his birth chart, he certainly has the ability to reinvent himself and take control of his life and habits.  At the time of the surgery, the Saturn transit stationed in a near-exact conjunction with his Neptune (the same aspect deBlasio had at the time of the election), and this, too, was an unusual life development that gained publicity.  It certainly influenced his career as well, as his health should improve and he’ll be a more appealing candidate for the future if he continues dropping pounds.