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Election 2016: Transits

While transits give us much information, it can be challenging to forecast outcomes with them.  But with transits, timing is everything.  Do Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s transits give us insight into the presidential election?

Donald Trump has transiting Jupiter in his 2nd house over 2-1/2 degrees past a sextile to Pluto on Election Day, November 8, 2016.  While nice, it has already passed its peak, and Jupiter transits don’t last that long.  trump-transits

Uranus conjunct his 9th house of wide reception will be only 22’ from a trine to his Moon in the 4th, which is another matter.  Uranus stations in late December and will trine his Moon again on February 6, framing the Election and Inauguration dates.  But while Uranus is really shaking up his Moon with new experiences, the 4th house more particularly relates to his home and family, not a position.

Saturn transits Donald’s 4th house and sextiles Jupiter in late November, a stabilizing aspect.  Once again, though, it’s over 2 degrees away on Election Day – this time a little too late.  Saturn’s more significant aspects, opposite Uranus, conjunct the Moon and opposite the Sun, are in December and January, when the election is past.  Opposition aspects are, to me, more separative than anything else.  He’s entering a new phase of life, but it probably won’t be exactly as he had hoped.

In late January and February 2017, Uranus trines Donald’s Moon, Jupiter trines his Sun and Saturn trines his Mars.  If these were all operating on Election Day, it’d be terrific.  But they’re not.  However some significant opportunities should turn up for Donald Trump by February.

Hillary Clinton has transiting Jupiter in her 11th house, approaching a sextile to Mars in the 9th, peaking just a week after the election.  This is better timing and nice for popularity and getting out the vote.  But a more significant transit is Saturn in her 1st house trine Pluto in the 9th (exact 11/5), a powerhouse combination, especially since these planets are conjunct in her birth chart.  Her hard work should reap larger rewards and her past experiences help her leverage the vote.clinton-transits

Transiting Uranus in the 5th will also approach (by only ¼ degree) a trine to Hillary’s Saturn in the 9th house.  Uranus and the 5th show a gamble that can pay off in a big way, and it’s certainly a lucky transit as well as one of release.  I do feel that Hillary’s transits are stronger on Election Day and that she’ll be the winner, especially in light of all of the other astrological techniques pointing in the same direction.

When transiting Jupiter conjoined Donald Trump’s natal Neptune in the 2nd, his “boys’ talk” video was revealed.  Jupiter to Neptune can expand publicity, but there’s no telling how.  Since Hillary and Donald are close to the same age, she also has Jupiter conjoining her Neptune – exact on November 1st – a week before Election Day.  This seems to correlate with the FBI’s revisiting the e-mail issue.  But it’s also at the same time that Hillary continues her popularity and gains help from key Democrats.  In her 11th house of the “Good Daemon,” Jupiter should work in her favor.

Hillary’s Birth Time?

Last Friday, The Washington Post covered data researcher Marc Penfield’s support of a 2:18 am birth time for Hillary Clinton.  (See Source notes at Astrodatabank.), saying that “he retracted his claim.”

Ray Merriman of ISAR had written on October 2, stating that Penfield wrote about this time, provided by Hillary’s cousin, as early as 2007.  Another astrologer, Zayin Cohen, confirmed the time and says he saw the actual birth record at the City Clerk’s office.

The lack of a definitive birth time for Hillary has been getting some play in the media – a plus for astrologers.  Here’s the Wall Street Journal’s 9/29/16 take on the situation.

I’ve been using an 8:02 AM time for Clinton, one of the most common that she and her mother have provided over the years.    I’m not clear why astrologers hadn’t adopted the 2:18 AM time if it’s based on documentation.

Birth times for public figures are often questionable.  While a number of my conclusions about the election are drawn from astrological techniques utilizing the Midheaven, Ascendant and Moon, which would change with a different birth time, I still think that Hillary Clinton will win the presidential election.  The beauty of utilizing so many astrological techniques to arrive at a judgment is that we end up relying less on any one particular element of the analysis.  I’m betting on it!

Election 2016 – Progressions IV

Hillary Clinton’s progressions to the U.S. progressed chart more specifically suggest connecting with the public and attaining higher office than Trump’s.

The U.S. progressed Saturn falls at 3 Scorpio in the 10th house of leadership and position, less than a degree from Hillary’s natal Sun.  This aspect will be in effect for many years.  For example, in January of 2020, it has turned retrograde and is actually closer to conjoining Hillary’s Sun, an argument that she’ll not only win this election but perhaps also stay in office for two terms.

Clinton’s progressed Moon is in Libra in the U.S. progressed 9th house, approaching a conjunction with the U.S. Progressed Mars.  It also closely squares the U.S. progressed Jupiter in Cancer in the 7th house on election day.  These confirm both her popularity as well as her lack of wholehearted acceptance with voters .  (Her progressed Moon will travel through the U.S. progressed 10th and 11th houses over the next four years.)  hillary-and-u-s-progressed

Clinton’s progressed Sun, Mercury and Ascendant all fall into the U.S. progressed 1st house, showing a joining of interests.  The U.S. P. Ascendant falls in her natal 2nd house, with the U.S. P. Midheaven in her 11th.  Both reflect fixed influences, and the U.S. MC in her 11th suggests a joining of interests to me.  To my mind, these are both more prominent than the country’s current connection to Trump’s natal 3rd and 5th.

Most important is that Hillary’s progressed Midheaven is in the U.S. progressed 11th house (doubling the influence of the U.S. P. MC also in her 11th).  This indicates shared goals and a shared interest in the community at this point in time.  In addition, Hillary’s progressed MC is about 20 minutes from trining the U.S. progressed Jupiter in the 7th house.  This is very significant, showing her career direction as connecting with a position before the public in a big way.

While Hillary Clinton may have fewer progressed connections with the U.S. progressed chart than Donald Trump, I feel that hers are more descriptive of a win in November.  I’m already feeling that she will win the election.  Of the techniques we’ve looked at so far – Solar Returns, Progressed Declination, Solar Arcs, Progressions, and Progressed to U.S. Progressed, Trump has only come out ahead in Progressed Declination, which to my mind indicates publicity rather than definitive success.

If we look at the tri-wheel of the progressed charts of the U.S., Clinton and Trump, it’s interesting to see the influences piling up in air signs in 2016.  The U.S., Trump and Clinton all have progressed planets in Libra in the U.S. progressed 9th house.  The two candidates’ progressed Uranus and Neptunes are in Gemini and Libra, with the progressed U.S. Uranus is also in Gemini.  (In December the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction moves into Aquarius – mutating into air signs.)  u-s-clinton-trump-progressed

But to further complicate things, Raymond Merriman has recently announced that Marc Penfield has a new documented birth time for Hillary Clinton, which he’ll discuss at the ISAR International Symposium on October 16.  Since so many of these calculations are tied to her birth time, it could make a big difference.

I’ll look at Transits for both of the candidates next.



Election 2016: Progressions II

Hillary Clinton’s progressions are much more dynamic and significant than Donald Trump’s, but once again we have to ask whether they specifically indicate success or a new position.

Clinton’s progressed Moon is in Libra in her 11th house (based on an 8:02 AM birth time) and is nearly exactly sextile Mars on election day, 11/8/16.  In addition, transiting Jupiter will conjoin the progressed Moon and sextile natal Mars within about a week.  The combination signifies an expanded connection with the public and is excellent for her.hillary-progressions

The progressed Moon is leaving a conjunction with Clinton’s Neptune, which highlights the continuing scandals as well as her ill health not long before the election.  I feel that approaching aspects are stronger, and Neptune can be confusing, but it, too, may also add to her resonance with the public.

Progressed Mars conjoins her 10th house cusp, which is a powerful indicator of initiatives in her career.  A focal point of Hillary’s chart is Mercury in Scorpio closely conjunct her Ascendant, with Venus in Scorpio also conjunct Mercury from the 12th house.  Progressed Mars has passed a quintile aspect to her Venus, is still about 2 degrees from a quintile to her Mercury, and is over 2 degrees from aspecting her Ascendant.  However P. Mars remains very close to quintile the midpoint of her Mercury-Venus-Ascendant as they combine influences.

In a notable repetition of influences, Hillary’s Solar Arc Uranus conjoins her Midheaven and progressed Mars, while also activating the quintile pattern to her natal Scorpio planets.  Uranus conjunct Mars in the 10th is a wild influence concerning status and position.  Uranus, though, is not reliable, and there may be more surprising ups and downs for Hillary before November 8th.

The quintile aspect (72 degrees) isn’t the most commonly used, but most astrologers agree that it’s a harmonious and flowing aspect that facilitates events.    This fifth harmonic aspect relates to the 5th house and the Sun, and both may point toward luck and success.  (Quintiles are common, but I do feel they’re a little stronger than sextiles as they’re a smaller division of the circle.)

Clinton’s progressed MC at about 15 Scorpio has just squared her natal Pluto in the 9th, and is a little over a degree from conjoining her Venus.  More importantly, however, it’s also falling within the zone of the quintile from progressed Mars.  Despite repeated questions of influence or legality (Pluto in the 9th), she continues to be popular.

Venus rules Hillary’s 7th house, relating to the public, and her progressed Venus is less than a degree from trining natal Neptune in the 11th, allowing her to gain ideological support from a broad audience.

Hillary Clinton’s progressed Sun and Mercury in Capricorn are each less than a degree past squaring Neptune.  These aspects highlight her loss of credibility, continuing insinuations of scandals, and ill health.  However it does seem to me that she is coming away from these Neptunian situations, since they are departing aspects.

I use secondary progressions by true Solar Arc, and other methods will change these aspects.  I would not have the confidence to calculate them so exactly by hand, and we therefore must rely on our calculation programs.  And of course, Hillary’s birth time is in question, and I’ve focused a lot on aspects to her 10th house and Ascendant.  However, I still believe that her progressions are much more powerful than Donald Trump’s, and that they more accurately point toward winning a new position.

Scorecard:  Solar Returns – Clinton.  Progressed Moon’s Declination – Trump.  Solar Arcs – Clinton.  Progressions – Clinton.

I’ll look at transits to each of the candidate’s charts in my next post.

When Was Hillary Born?

Now that Hillary Clinton is the de facto Democratic nominee, we have a problem: when was she born? We can’t make a good forecast for the outcome of the presidential election without it.

Several different times of birth have been published for Hillary, including rectified times. Lois Rodden based her rating system on documentary evidence, never astrological opinion. Yet in this case, there is no published birth certificate and most reports are hearsay. The times with more definitive sources are shortly after 8:00 AM or 8:00 PM.

The two horoscopes are quite different. The 8 PM chart has Uranus in Gemini conjunct the Ascendant and the Moon at 29 Pisces in the 10th house. This is the only angularity. Uranus on the Ascendant squaring the Moon, both in mutable signs, shows a lack of focus. The energy could potentially be brilliant, but it’s also quite restless and even manic. The Moon in the 10th is also an indicator of movement: the career is changeable. Neither of these indicators point toward a woman who appears centered in the most challenging of circumstances. I also find it hard to believe that Clinton, who has consistently enjoyed high-profile positions, has a mutable, Void of Course Moon in her 10th house of status.Hillary - PM time

I find the 8:02 AM time to be a much better fit. The Sun in the behind-the-scenes 12th house is a placement shared by other high-level politicians (George W. Bush, Senator John Edwards, Jimmy Carter, U.S. Grant and Abe Lincoln). Scorpio rises, with Venus and Mercury in Scorpio conjoining the first house cusp, and Jupiter is also placed in the first in its ruling sign of Sagittarius, a powerful combination for a strong speaker and personality. We see her as both guarded and controlled (Scorpio) yet energetic (Jupiter and Sagittarius).

Taurus on her 7th house points toward her husband. The ruler, Venus, is conjunct the Ascendant from the 12th and placed in its detriment in Scorpio – a nice description of their complicated relationship. But with her fixed signs, the partnership has endured.Hillary - AM time

A triple conjunction of Mars, Saturn and Pluto falls in Hillary’s 9th house in the 8:02 AM chart, variously squaring her first house planets. This accounts for the strong negative gut reactions many people have toward her. There’s more going on than we know. The focus on the 9th exemplifies her experience as a lawyer, representative and diplomat, and higher office in general. It’s also a good indicator of the legal problems that continue to plague her.

I will use the 8:02 AM birth time for Hillary in the future. But we can never be completely sure until she shares her birth certificate with us (and of course even then there may be errors).

Hillary Clinton was born on October 26, 1947 in Chicago, Illinois

Hillary Announces Run

Hillary Clinton announced her run for the 2016 presidential race on April 12, 2015 at around 3:02 pm*. This becomes the natal horoscope for her campaign, and we can analyze the development and possible outcome of the campaign with this chart. An event chart like this one is read like a horary.

The Ascendant is 0 Virgo – with the suggestion of it being “too soon.” Fair enough – it’s a kick-off announcement a year and a half before the election. The Ascendant rules Hillary herself – the party initiating the event. Virgo is ruled by Mercury in the 9th combust the Sun. Hillary’s ruler is elevated in the horoscope, but the Sun rules her 12th house – her liabilities. Her current message may be obscured by previous questions about her official e-mails and other voter concerns. However the campaign should be able to outpace these issues as Mercury moves away from the Sun by the end of April.

The Sun conjoins both Mercury and Uranus in Aries in the 9th house. Talk about a world-wide announcement! This one packs a punch with the Sun exalted in Aries. And the Uranus-style notice was made with e-mails, in an online video and on Twitter.

Venus in the 10th ruling the Taurus Midheaven highlights the prestige of the presidential office. Venus opposes Saturn, an indication of the challenges therein. But the Moon in Aquarius (co-ruling Hillary) will trine Venus and sextile Saturn from the cusp of the 6th house: Hillary is up for the challenge and will work hard and pursue an independent course to achieve her goals.

An astrologer would probably not have chosen the angular T-square of Venus in the 10th, Saturn in the 4th and Neptune in the 7th house. But Neptune in the 7th rules Hillary’s opponents (“open enemies” astrologically). And while they may blow smokescreens to confuse the issues, they are also not the most effective.

Saturn in the 4th is grounded, but as significator of the “end of the matter,” it may not be propitious. We must look to Hillary’s birth chart to see how the planets are influencing her personally.

The flaws in the announcement horoscope ultimately don’t matter that much. President Obama, for instance, had a void-of-course Moon for his February, 2007 election bid. The more important things to consider are the candidate’s birth chart, the astrological weather at the time of the campaign and election, and transits and progressions to the natal chart. Unfortunately we may not have a definitive birth chart for Hillary Clinton. That’s a topic for another post.

*The NewYorkTimes.com stated that Clinton’s 2-minute video announcement was released “just after 3 p.m.” on April 12, 2015. I used her campaign headquarters in Brooklyn Heights for the location.