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Saturn and the Ancestors

With Saturn closely parallel my Midheaven and trine my Ascendant, I’ve always felt drawn toward my family’s past.  Saturn represents both yesteryear and authority figures.  It also rules old structures as well as the grave.  So it’s obvious why Saturn also rules our ancestors and the study of genealogy.grandparents-nypl

My grandfather died when I was a little girl, but he had a tremendous influence on me (his Moon conjoins my Ascendant).  He was a pianist who played by ear.  When he passed, his piano came to me and became my focus.  I learned how to play step-by-step though, in a more typical Saturn manner.  (Once I began studying astrology in earnest, my musical studies faded out.)

When I moved back to Brooklyn it felt like coming home, as it brought back memories of my childhood visits to my grandparents.  And I now live within a few miles of their homes, as well as the cemetery and family lots where many of my ancestors, including my dad, are all buried.

My office is within walking distance of where my grandfather lived with his family as a young man, after they crossed the Manhattan Bridge from Little Italy into Brooklyn over 100 years ago.

In studying any family genealogy, you’ll find unusual astrological correspondences.  One of my Italian great-grandfathers, who I first discovered through his Will filed at the Brooklyn Surrogate’s Court in 1932, has his Jupiter closely conjunct my Sun; he led me on a journey into my family’s past.  My great-grandmother’s Sun is closely conjunct my Moon.  These people have resonance for me, although I’ve never met them.  My grandfather’s Venus closely conjoins my Jupiter, showing our musical connection.  His Jupiter in Virgo exactly conjoins my Pluto, which might suggest why his influence on me deepened and played out for  many years after his death.

I share numerous close aspects with all of my parents and grandparents; so many planets are involved.  But I think it’s ultimately the bones of Saturn that continue to draw them to me and keep them all nearby.

(Photo courtesy of NYPL.)