Jupiter in Cancer – the Politics of Emotion

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg uncharacteristically choked up when he addressed the Association for a Better NY on December 5, 2013 for the last time. Is this astro-logical for a man who has the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus all in Aquarius and very little water in his horoscope?

Many of our political leaders allow themselves displays of emotion these days. President Obama almost cried when he talked about his daughters and the Newtown CT shootings, and in thanking his election campaign staff. But he’s an open Leo with Venus in sensitive Cancer. Joe Biden choked up during the Vice Presidential debates when speaking of his first wife and daughter who died in a car crash, though he has Jupiter in Cancer (bigger emotion than the president!). John Boehner frequently gets teary-eyed: when saying a prayer for the victims of the Moore, OK tornado, in considering the awesomeness of the Capitol rotunda on 60 Minutes and upon receiving the Speaker’s gavel. With Venus and Jupiter in Capricorn, this may be more of a political move than a real need to share his feelings with the public; he can’t enjoy doing it. But lest I judge him too quickly I’ll add that he does have Uranus in emotional Cancer (though everyone born within 7 years of him does as well).

As men get older, of course, their hormones change and they’re no longer as macho as they were in their youth. But it seems not only allowable or hip but almost obligatory today for men in politics to display tender feelings.

Bloomberg has been more reserved during his 12 years in office, in keeping with his air and earth planets and private Pluto rising. But transiting Jupiter in Cancer is beginning to conjoin his Ascendant, bringing Jupiter issues and his emotions to the forefront of his consciousness. On Thursday he spoke about what he considers NYC’s values, including religious freedom and immigrant rights, both Jupiter–related issues. He also twice mentioned his unborn grandson. (We almost didn’t know he had a family!) This is a Cancerian concern and the only water in his chart is Cancer rising.

With Jupiter conjoining his Ascendant, it should be something of a release for Bloomberg to leave office and become a private citizen once again.

Michael Bloomberg was born on February 14, 1942 at 3:40 PM according to his birth record on Astrodatabank.