Hillary’s Birth Time?

Last Friday, The Washington Post covered data researcher Marc Penfield’s support of a 2:18 am birth time for Hillary Clinton.  (See Source notes at Astrodatabank.), saying that “he retracted his claim.”

Ray Merriman of ISAR had written on October 2, stating that Penfield wrote about this time, provided by Hillary’s cousin, as early as 2007.  Another astrologer, Zayin Cohen, confirmed the time and says he saw the actual birth record at the City Clerk’s office.

The lack of a definitive birth time for Hillary has been getting some play in the media – a plus for astrologers.  Here’s the Wall Street Journal’s 9/29/16 take on the situation.

I’ve been using an 8:02 AM time for Clinton, one of the most common that she and her mother have provided over the years.    I’m not clear why astrologers hadn’t adopted the 2:18 AM time if it’s based on documentation.

Birth times for public figures are often questionable.  While a number of my conclusions about the election are drawn from astrological techniques utilizing the Midheaven, Ascendant and Moon, which would change with a different birth time, I still think that Hillary Clinton will win the presidential election.  The beauty of utilizing so many astrological techniques to arrive at a judgment is that we end up relying less on any one particular element of the analysis.  I’m betting on it!