Election 2016: Progressions III – to U.S.

To forecast the outcome of a political election, some Astrologers look at the candidates’ comparative aspects to the U.S. chart to see what their connections to the country are.  This is a good thought, but some candidates, like Hillary Clinton, have longstanding relationships with the country, and this technique doesn’t narrow it down to a particular time.  We might do the candidates’ progressed aspects to the U.S. chart, which would reveal the point in time that affiliations between the two would likely occur.  But I prefer to compare progressed to progressed aspects, which tell us more about each candidate’s connection to the U.S. flow of history as well.

Donald Trump’s progressed Ascendant in late Libra falls right on the U.S. progressed Midheaven (less than 2 degrees past), and his progressed Jupiter, though an extremely slow influence, is a little over a degree from conjoining the U.S. PMC, a close tie.  This shows him going toward high government office.  However the U.S. PMC falls in his 3rd house and the U.S. P. Asc. in his 5th.  While both might be more fortunate than not, they are not the strongest of houses. trump-and-u-s-progressed

Donald’s progressed Ascendant and MC in late and early degrees indicate a significant period of change in his life: leaving one type of career and entering a new phase in self-expression, which would be appropriate for a newbie to political office.

His progressed Ascendant is over 2-1/2 degrees from squaring the U.S. progressed Pluto in Capricorn.  At the same time, his progressed Midheaven in early Leo is leaving a square to Pr. U.S. Pluto (less than a degree and a half past).  Due to midpoint influences, this creates a dynamic T-square.  We can see his slogan of “making America great again” in these transformative aspects to Pluto, yet the nature of Pluto signifies more of a crash and burn relationship to me.  And with the U.S. Pluto in Capricorn, party authorities are already reshaping Trump’s message and testing his depth, not the other way around.

Donald Trump’s progressed Moon in Cancer approaches a conjunction with the U.S. progressed North Node on Election Day.  By the Inauguration, it will be around half a degree of conjoining it.  (His progressed Moon also squares the U.S. progressed Venus at the same time.)  The Nodes may indicate a sense of destiny playing out.  And Trump’s P. Moon and U.S. P. N. Node also line up with his own natal Saturn.  These are all significant, however the progressed Moon moves quickly, progressed Nodes are extremely slow, and to my mind, natal Saturn in Cancer is just not great (see my earlier analysis of this progression).

Perhaps more important, Donald Trump’s progressed Venus in Libra conjoins the U.S. Mars in its P. 9th house.  However it will be less than a degree from the conjunction until at least mid-2017, which seems a little late to apply specifically to the election the previous November.

Progressing the Ascendant and Midheaven, especially for questionable times like the U.S.A., adds an additional margin of error.  The above charts are what seem to work for me.  I use Evangeline Adams’ Gemini rising U.S. chart.